Chocobo GP Key Art

Chocobo GP Races To The Finish Line This March

Square Enix has announced that Chocobo GP, a new kart racing adventure set in the Chocobo universe, will launch on Nintendo Switch in March.

In Chocobo GP, players can play as Chocobo and friends as they race to the finish line in countless well-known Chocobo and Final Fantasy locations. The game is a direct sequel to Chocobo Racing and looks like it draws a lot of inspiration from Mario Kart.

Furthermore, a free-to-download version of the game, Chocobo GP Lite, will be available at launch as well. You can check the trailer out below.

The trailer shows off some of the game modes that will be available at release. On top of story mode and 64-player knock out style tournaments, players can check out:

  • Time Attack: Players can challenge themselves to beat personal best times on various courses. They can also sync up with others around the world and race to get the best time.
  • Series Race: Similar to Mario Kart‘s Grand Prix, players will compete for the top spot in a series of four races; alone or with friends.
  • Custom Race: Players can create their own races with our own custom rules, both alone and with friends.

Chocobo GP Lite

With Chocobo GP Lite, racers can play through the Story Mode prologue in single-player mode. They can also participate in both local and online multiplayer races as long as the game is hosted by a friend with the full game.

Chocobo GP Lite players can also test out the 64-player tournaments, and save data will be carried over from the lite version to the full game. Therefore, players can try the game knowing that they won’t lose anything if they choose to upgrade to the full game.

Chocobo GP Key Art
In-game Screenshot

Chocobo GP and its free to play alternative, Chocobo GP Lite, will be available digitally for Nintendo Switch on 10th March 2022.


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