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Does Lethal Company Have Crossplay?

Lethal Company offers a fun and spooky online-only multiplayer survival horror experience for up to 4 players, but does it have crossplay?

Crossplay allows players on different platforms, for example, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC, to play the same game together. If a game does not have crossplay, then only players on the same platform can join each other’s lobbies. So, it’s no surprise then that players are wondering if the smash indie hit that’s outselling Call of Duty offers crossplay. Here are the details.

Does Lethal Company Have Crossplay?

No, Lethal Company does not have crossplay. This is because it is not a cross-platform game and is not on PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch. The only platform Lethal Company is currently available on is PC. For it to have crossplay, it would need to be on multiple platforms. However, it would seem like the developer has no plans for a console release any time soon.

It’s a shame for those hoping to play the game on a console. However, it is possible to play on a PC with a controller if that’s what was worrying you. Additionally, it all being on one platform means that you can play with your friends regardless. Lethal Company is a very easy game to run due to its low requirements, so most players, if not all, should be able to play it.

Two players standing in the ship in Lethal Company

Of course, Lethal Company is currently in Early Access and may come to other platforms once it has left it. If it does and crossplay is implemented, we’ll be sure to update this article. In the meantime, make sure to check out our Games Hub for more Lethal Company guides.

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