The Apparatus item in Lethal Company

Lethal Company: How Much Is the Apparatus Scrap Worth?

Players can locate a valuable piece of scrap in Lethal Company called the Apparatus. But just how much is it worth?

When players discover the Apparatus in a Moon’s Facility, they’ll note that its value is listed as “???”. The ambiguity surrounding its value makes taking it a gamble, as you don’t know quite how much you’ll make. If you’re weighing up whether or not to take it, we highly recommend you do. Fortunately, we know exactly how much it is worth, and we’ve explained it all below.

How Much Is Apparatus Worth in Lethal Company?

One piece of Apparatus scrap in Lethal Company is worth 80 credits. This makes it the 6th most valuable item in the game, after the Painting, Fancy Lamp, Bee Hive, Cash Register, and Gold Bar. For reference, the Gold Bar is worth 120 credits, just 40 more than the Apparatus. You’ll need to take it to the Company Building to sell it, but make sure you do it on Day 3 so you make the most amount of money from it.

The player next to the Apparatus in Lethal Company
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Where to Find the Apparatus in Lethal Company

The location of the Apparatus in each Facility is completely random. However, you’ll typically find it in a room covered in a thin layer of smoke. The Apparatus powers the Facility, so once you take it, all of the power will go out, including the lights. You’ll be submerged in darkness, making it difficult to find your way back. So, make sure you are well prepared before taking it, and try to take it at the end of a run. Once you’ve got your hands on it, simply head back to your ship and get ready to depart to the Company Building.

That’s everything you need to know about the Apparatus in Lethal Company. For more guides and articles just like this one, be sure to check out our Games Hub.

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