Lethal Company Hoarding Bug

Lethal Company: How to Beat the Loot Bug

Lethal Company is filled with many creatures for players to come against, including the Loot Bug. Below are details on how to kill it.

While there are varying types of monsters within Lethal Company, some can be stopped while others cannot. They range from massive monstrosities like the Forest Keeper to the docile Manticoil. However, the particular Loot Bug (also known as the Hoarding Bug) has come across many players’ visors, and some are curious about how to deal with it. Below is a guide on the Loot Bug and how to deal with it.

What Is the Loot Bug in Lethal Company?

The Loot Bug is a bug creature that takes loot and bring it back to its domain. Also known as the Hoarding Bug, the bug is a territorial monster, which means it only attacks players when it feels in danger. It has the appearance of an ant, with antennae on the top of its head and legs similar to that of a Praying Mantis. Due to its nature, it is registered at a Threat Level of 0% to players, as it only attacks if necessary, and the damage it deals to players is not very significant. However, even though it is a low danger to players, it can still be defeated.

Hoarding Bug Lethal Company
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How to Beat the Loot Bug in Lethal Company

There are a few ways to counter the Loot Bug in Lethal Company, such as avoiding it, fighting back, running away, and dropping loot. Each method works well for fighting against the Loot Bug, and while some options are better than others, there are several ways to ensure the bug does not harm you. As the creature is territorial, it becomes aggressive when players are near them. Below are the different methods to defeat the Loot Bug:


As the Loot Bug is a territorial creature, it will be aggressive towards players when they are near it. If you wish not to draw its attention, it is best to avoid it. As there are multiple paths around the area, if players can navigate around the Loot Bug, they will not need to worry about it attacking. Although it is a 0% Threat Level, it will defend itself if provoked. Therefore, those wishing not to fight it can work around it and stay out of its view.

Fighting Back

As with many creatures in Lethal Company, using force can be an excellent way to counter the enemy. Loot Bugs can hurt the player but do not put out as much damage as their peers. Players can arm themselves with any equipable melee weapon to ensure the Loot Bug is put down. After a few hits, the monster will be killed.

Running Away

The most popular tactic when fighting almost any creature in Lethal Company is to run away. Although it may sound silly, fleeing from a creature may save you and your team any trouble of losing loot or, worse, dying. While the beast is fast, leaving the building the Loot Bug is in will cause it to become passive again and return to what it was doing. However, if it notices the player, it will give chase again. So, players must remember and be careful of its presence when re-entering the facility.

Dropping Loot

The last alternative is for players to drop any loot they have on them. Although you can do it while running away, dropping it when the Loot Bug is aggressive can yield a different result. While random, the bug may take an item from the dropped loot and return it to its hive. Doing so will cause the situation to deescalate and the Loot Bug to move away from the player. However, the trade-off for this method is that players may lose a valuable item.

That is all the details on the Loot Bug and how to defeat it in Lethal Company. Anyone wanting to know more about the game can check out the game’s Guide Hub here.


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