Sound Player Content Warning
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Content Warning: Sound Player Details & All Sounds Available

The Sound Player was added in the most recent update for Content Warning, and we have all the sounds you can use to make your videos go viral.

The ultimate goal of Content Warning is to create the highest-quality videos to earn money. You can do this with a variety of different items in the game, but the Sound Player will provide the missing audio elements that your video could lack.

How Does the Sound Player Work?

The Sound Player is available in Content Warning for $100 at the shop. Unfortunately, it’s not an item that you can keep in your off-hand; rather, it will take up one of the three item slots you can hold.

Once you have selected the Sound Player, you can use the left mouse button to play the highlighted sound effect. You can scroll between the 21 sounds to find your favorites, and there is no battery life on the device, so you can spam sounds as much as you want. The idea is that you play the correct sounds at the right time while filming to maximize the amount of views and money you receive.

Content Warning Sound Player in Shop
In-game Screenshot of Sound Player

What Sounds Are Currently Available On The Sound Player?

The 21 sounds that the Sound Player currently features are below. We will be sure to update this article if additional audio is added to Content Warning.

  • Badum Tiss
  • Boo
  • Boom
  • Car Skid
  • Cheer
  • Cool Transition
  • Correct
  • Crickets
  • Dramatic Hit
  • Drum Roll
  • Error Buzzer
  • Funk Stinger
  • Gameshow Intro
  • Laugh
  • Metal Pipe
  • News Broadcast
  • Record Scratch
  • Sad Trumpet
  • Scary Kitchen
  • Slide Whistle
  • Victory

Make sure you utilize as many sounds as you can in your videos with friends to maximize the number of views you can earn. That’s everything you need to know about the Sound Player in Content Warning, so make sure you check out our Guide Hub for more news and guides on the game.