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Content Warning: All Items, Explained

If you’re wondering what each of the items does in Content Warning, you’re in luck. We’ve explained them all so you know which are worth buying.

Content Warning has 28 different items that players can unlock. However, as they’re not all self-explanatory, it can be hard to know what’s worth buying. While they’re all worth getting eventually, there are definitely some items you should prioritize over others. Fortunately, we’ve broken down exactly what each item does below.

What Do All the Items Do in Content Warning?


All of the lights in Content Warning are essentially upgraded versions of the Flashlight. They get increasingly brighter, allowing you to navigate around the Old World with ease and spot monsters far quicker. Here are all of the light items you can buy in Content Warning:

  • Old Flashlight – $20
  • Flare – $40
  • Modern Flashlight – $150
  • Long Flashlight – $200
  • Modern Flashlight Pro – $500
  • Long Flashlight Pro – $600


The Hugger is the only way to heal your teammates in Content Warning. When equipped, it allows you to hug your friends, restoring their HP. Similarly, the Defibrillator is the only way to revive your friends. You can use it to shock them back to life if they’ve been unceremoniously killed by a monster while you’re out grinding for views. Here are all of the medical items you can buy in Content Warning:

  • Hugger – $100
  • Defibrillator – $300


The Boom Mic gets you much better audio and is able to pick up audio from further away, allowing you to capture monsters or your friends’ deaths with crisp, clear sound. Naturally, this results in better views. Similarly, the Reporter Mic gets crisp audio, although only from the person holding it.

The Clapper is a Clapperboard, which is traditionally used to signal what take you’re on when filming as well as sync up sound. Of course, you won’t need to worry about that in Content Warning, so the Clapper is really just used to make a clapping sound, and it’ll increase your views if you use it. The Sound Player will play a variety of different sounds, perfect for making your videos stand out as well as attracting monsters.

The Goo Ball is one of the few offensive weapons in the game. It’s a sticky grenade that’ll stop monsters in their tracks. It’s perfect for helping you escape back to the diving bell, as well as for getting clear shots of the monster. The Shock Stick, as it sounds, is a melee weapon that will temporarily stun enemies. While you can’t use it to kill them, the Shock Stick is a great way to help you escape. Here are all of the gadget items you can buy in Content Warning:

  • Reporter Mic – $50
  • Boom Mic – $100
  • Clapper – $100
  • Sound Player – $100
  • Goo Ball – $150
  • Shock Stick – $400
Content Warning Item Shop
In-game screenshot


There are two different categories of Emotes in the item shop: Emote and Emote2. You can use emotes to pull off funny poses, which will gain you more views when on camera. The more expensive the emote, the more views you’ll get. You can check out our full emote guide here. Otherwise, here are all of the emotes in the game:

  • Applause – $100
  • Workout 1 – $100
  • Confused – $120
  • Dance 103 – $150
  • Dance 102 – $200
  • Dance 101 – $250
  • Backflip p1 – $300
  • Gymnastics – $400
  • Caring – $50
  • Ancient Gestures 3 – $80
  • Ancient Gestures 2 – $100
  • Yoga – $250
  • Workout – $350
  • Thumbnail 1 – $400
  • Thumbnail 2 – $450
  • Ancient Gestures 1 – $500


So far, the only item in the misc category is the Party Popper, but we can assume that more items will be added here as time goes on.

  • Party Popper – $5


In the latest update, the Music tab has been removed from the game, and the Sound Player might have replaced what it was going to be. Previously, there was a music tab that was completely empty, and we suspected that you’d be able to use music either in your videos to add an extra level of intensity or emotion, nothing like sad violins playing while monsters eat your friends. Alternatively, you could use music to lure monsters out or even distract them so you can get better footage. Either way, for now, there’s none in the game, and the tab is unavailable, but we’ll be sure to update this when it’s added.

The Best Items to Get in Content Warning

The best items to get in Content Warning are the Hugger, Defibrillator, Goo Ball, and Long Flashlight. The Hugger and Defibrillator are absolutely essential, as they’re your only way of healing up after being attacked. You’ll also be able to use the Defibrillator to bring back your dead mates, which is necessary if you don’t want to film the Old World alone.

The Goo Ball is worth getting over the Shock Stick, as it doesn’t require you to be up close and personal. It’s also much cheaper and still very effective at slowing down enemies enough that you have time to escape. Finally, the Long Flashlight is a pretty powerful flashlight that’ll make exploring easier. You can go for a cheaper or more expensive option if you want, but we found this was the perfect middle ground.

That’s all of the items in Content Warning. We’ll update this article when more are added in future updates. For now, be sure to check out our Guide Hub for more guides just like this one.

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