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Content Warning: How to Get More Views

Players will need to increase their views in Content Warning if they want to stand a chance of earning enough money. Here’s how to get your SpookTube channel to number 1.

Getting views in Content Warning seems pretty straightforward. Film scary stuff, and your views will go up. However, there are a number of factors that affect just how many views you’ll get for said scary stuff. What actions you’re doing, what you say, and what monster are just some of the things that can change the number of views you’ll get. Fortunately, through playtesting the game ourselves, we’ve discovered a number of tips and tricks that’ll help get your views right up.

How to Increase Your Views in Content Warning

There are a number of ways to increase your views in Content Warning, but the important thing to remember is to make your footage as scary as possible. Dead bodies, monsters, creepy happenings, and screaming and shouting into your mic are all ways to generate as many views as possible. The deeper into the Old World you go, the more views you’ll get. However, we’ll break down specific ways to increase your views in Content Warning and make so much money:

  • Go deeper into the Old World to find bigger and scarier monsters
  • Talk to your teammates using voice chat
  • Emote in front of the camera, especially when near monsters
  • Film your teammates’ dead bodies
  • Purchase upgrades such as the Boom Mic, Reporter Mic, Clapper, and Sound Player
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Tips and Tricks to Get More Views in Content Warning

While filming any old monster will get you views in Content Warning, the scarier and bigger the monster, the better. You’re more likely to find deadlier monsters the deeper into the Old World you go. So, definitely venture as far in as you can. If you’re not sure what monsters to look for, check out our full monster guide.

Once you’ve located a suitable monster, preferably that freaky giant with sharp teeth, whip your camera out and start filming. If you manage to emote in front of it, you’ll get even more views, especially if you use the more expensive emotes. You can check out all the emotes in the game in our full emote guide. You can also let a monster kill your teammate and then film their dead body. Sure, you’ll incur some hospital bills, but it’s worth it as the views you’ll get from a dead body rival that of Logan Paul.

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Much like all good YouTubers, shouting and screaming into your mic or just plain old talking to one another will get you a lot of views as well. The more talkative you are, the better, as SpookTube loves a loudmouth. This will also attract more monsters, which results in even more views. Win-win.

Finally, make sure you pick up the best items in the game. You’ll definitely want a Boom Mic or a Reporter Mic for that crisp, clear audio, as well as a Clapper and Sound Player, as they will all net you with a lot of views. You should also invest in a Goo Ball and a Defibrillator, as the Goo Ball will slow down enemies chasing you, and the Defibrillator will bring back your dead teammates.

That’s everything you need to know about increasing your views in Content Warning. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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