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Content Warning: Full Emote Guide

If you want to see your SpookTube channel skyrocket in Content Warning, you’ll want to pull off some sweet emotes. Of course, first, you’ll need to fork out a fortune to unlock them.

Content Warning features a pretty impressive selection of things to unlock. However, by far the best thing you can waste your money on are emotes. These not only make the game infinitely more fun, as flipping the bird at each other is a guaranteed way to burst out laughing but also hugely increase your views. So long as you buy the expensive ones, of course. If you’re thinking of investing in emotes in Content Warning, here’s what you need to know.

How to Emote in Content Warning

To emote in Content Warning, you’ll need to press the T button on your keyboard. Simply make sure you have your favorite emote equipped before hitting the emote button. You’ll be able to unlock plenty of emotes in the game, and using them is a great way to earn more views. There’s nothing quite like pulling off a backflip in front of a monster.

All Emotes in Content Warning

There are 16 different emotes in Content Warning that you can unlock, with the majority of them costing an absolute fortune. You’ll find two categories for emotes in the item shop: Emote and Emote2. We’ve broken down all emotes in each section for you below:


  • Applause – $100
  • Workout 1 – $100
  • Confused – $120
  • Dance 103 – $150
  • Dance 102 – $200
  • Dance 101 – $250
  • Backflip p1 – $300
  • Gymnastics – $400


  • Caring – $50
  • Ancient Gestures 3 – $80
  • Ancient Gestures 2 – $100
  • Yoga – $250
  • Workout – $350
  • Thumbnail 1 – $400
  • Thumbnail 2 – $450
  • Ancient Gestures 1 – $500
Content Warning Emote screen
In-game screenshot

The Best Emote in Content Warning

While it’s not completely clear how much emotes affect your views, it does seem like the more expensive the emote, the higher your view count goes. So, if you’re after that Mr. Beast SpookTube money, make sure you save up for the Ancient Gestures 1 emote. It’s not only the most hilarious emote in the game, but it’ll also have the biggest impact on your views.

It’s still worth picking up other emotes, especially if they make you laugh. Outside of the financial reasons for picking them up, they’re also a great way to communicate with your team. So, feel free to buy any of them. However, to make the most in-game money and get the most views, you’ll want to get the $600 and up emotes.

That’s all of the emotes in Content Warning. If more are added later, we’ll be sure to update this article. In the meantime, make sure to check out our Guide Hub for more Content Warning content!

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