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Content Warning: All Monsters Guide

Content Warning is packed full of absolutely terrifying monsters. All the more for you to film killing your friends so you can get a million views.

In Content Warning, you’ll want to film the scariest stuff so you can make it big on SpookTube. Fortunately, the game is full of the best nightmare fuel you could ask for outside of Lethal Company. There’s everything from giant monsters like Protein from Sweet Home to creatures with whisks for a head. That means you’ll have no shortage of horrifying monstrosities to film. Below, we’ve outlined them all, so you know how to survive them. You know, just in case.

All Monsters in Content Warning

There are currently 18 monsters that have been identified in Content Warning. We’ve listed them all below, including their general appearance, abilities, and how to survive them. However, it’s important to note that many are using names given by the community or by ourselves. This is because no official names have been released by the developers.

NameDescriptionAbilityHow to Survive
Ball of TentaclesA ball with tentacles coming out of itSucks nearby players in dealing damage to anyone caughtRun as fast as you can
BarnacleA creature that hangs from the ceilingDrags players up using its hanging tendrils before eating themShine your light on it to reveal its tendrils. Avoid them
Big BoyA giant humanoid creature with sharp teethIt will deal a huge amount of damage if it catches the playerRun away as fast as you can
CentipedeAn insectoid creature with sharp clawsPicks up the player and throws them, damaging them for half of their healthRun away when you spot it
CrawlerA humanoid creature with long limbs that crawls on all foursGrabs the player and drags them away, dealing damage over timeFlash your light at it
Ear CreatureA creature with a giant ear for a headN/AAvoid it by moving quietly
Eye CreatureA creature with a giant eye for a headIt is passive unless a light is shone on it. Will then attackDon’t flash your light at it
Frog CreatureA legless creature with huge arms and clawsHops around like a frog and throws explosives at the playerRun away when you spot it
Iron MaidenA giant cage with armsTraps a player inside its cage and will kill them if their teammates can’t solve its puzzleSolve the puzzle it gives you if you’re captured. Otherwise, run
Knife GhostA spooky ghost holding a knifeCharges the player and stabs them, dealing lots of damageStep back as it charges, as it’ll fall over. Then run
Red LightA bright glowing lightForces black tendrils to come out of players, instantly killing themImpossible to avoid
RobotA four-legged robot with a screen for a face and a gun on its backShoots the player when it spots themJump over them and run away
Rock BunnyA small rock shaped like a bunny’s headIt will make the player float when picked up, causing them to take damage when they hit the ceilingDon’t pick it up
SlimeA ball of yellow slimeWill grab the player and bring it to a BarnacleRun away from it
Snail ManA humanoid creature with a shell on its backGrabs the player and deals damage over timeRun away as they’re slow
SmileyA small humanoid creature with a big smileRuns around incredibly fast. Seems passiveIgnore it
SpiderA creepy spider with a flat faceShoots out webs that will trap the player. Then eats its caught preyAvoid them by running away
WhiskerA humanoid creature with a whisk for a headWill charge in a straight line, dealing damage if it catches youStep out of its way and run. It can’t turn around when charging
Ball of Tentacles Monster in Content Warning

You’ll encounter tougher enemies the higher your view counts get, so be careful not to get too famous. Or, at least come prepared with some of the best items in the game. That’s all of the monsters in Content Warning. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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