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Another Crab’s Treasure: How to Upgrade Your Fork & Get Stainless Relics

Your main way of defeating enemies in Another Crab’s Treasure is with your trusty Fork. Of course, you’ll want to upgrade it, and to do that, you’ll need Stainless Relics.

Another Crab’s Treasure is filled with enemies and tough bosses to take down on your journey. Many things are crucial to assist you on the way, such as a good shell and an outfit to match it. However, your primary way of defeating enemies is with your Fork. Eventually, as the enemies get harder, it’ll become less effective. So, you’ll need to upgrade it, and to do that, you must find Stainless Relics. Luckily, we’ve explained how to upgrade your Fork below.

How to Upgrade Your Fork In Another Crab’s Treasure

The Fork can be upgraded at the blacksmith’s shop, located in the Lower Crust area of New Carcinia. It is a city area of the game, and players will be heading here as part of the narrative of Another Crab’s Treasure. When you arrive in the city, look for the Moon Snail checkpoint; the blacksmith’s shop is next to it. After arriving, you must speak to the owner named Hammerhead, and he will decide to help you by upgrading your Fork.

However, in exchange for doing so, he requests that you give him a Stainless Relic. After doing so, your Fork’s attack will be upgraded. This is the only upgrade you can receive for your Fork from Hammerhead. However, it is incredibly beneficial, as it raises your attack damage, allowing you to deal more damage to enemies and bosses.

Blacksmith in Another Crab's Treasure
Blacksmith, Image Credit – The Escapist

You can only upgrade your Fork five times, with each upgrade requiring an additional Stainless Relic. Each upgrade increases the Fork’s attack by a further point: the second upgrade increases it by two points, the third by three, the fourth by four, and the fifth by five.

Where to Find Stainless Relics in Another Crab’s Treasure

Stainless Relics look like keys and can be found in various places in Another Crab’s Treasure, such as chests, shops, and more. The easiest one to get is the one you can buy from the Prawn Shop in the Lower Crust area in New Carcinia. Additionally, players can get them from certain bosses, including Inkerton.

Out in the open world, players will find a handful as gold, shiny pickups that glow on the ground. Additionally, there are a few hidden in Clam Chests, which are opened after solving a puzzle. We’ve actually listed all of the Stainless Relic locations in our comprehensive guide. Make sure to check that out if you’re keen on upgrading your Fork.

That is everything you need to know about upgrading your Fork and getting Stainless Relics in Another Crab’s Treasure. If you found this guide helpful, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.


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