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A Unicorn Overlord Sequel Could Be on Its Way

It’s possible that the incredibly popular strategy game Unicorn Overlord may be getting a sequel in the future, as Atlus has already begun gauging interest.

Unicorn Overlord took the gaming world by storm for a short while, at least before Dragon’s Dogma 2 descended from the sky like a Wyvern Knight with a vengeance. In fact, it was so popular that fans began immediately discussing sequel possibilities only a few days after it came out. Well, it seems like Atlus has been listening, as a sequel may become a reality. At least if the fans demand it enough.

Unicorn Overlord Sequel May Be Coming

Atlus and Vanillaware, the publisher and developer behind Unicorn Overlord, are trying to gauge interest in a sequel to Unicorn Overlord. In a survey sent to fans in Asia, spotted by Siliconera, Atlus asked, “Do you plan on purchasing any sequels to ‘Unicorn Overlord’ if they were to be made?” Of course, while this doesn’t confirm that a sequel is on its way, it does offer up hope that one could be made.

It’s not uncommon for Atlus to send out surveys about their games to gauge fan interest. We basically have Persona 3 Reload because fans said they’d like to see a remake in one of Atlus’ surveys. However, Vanillaware is a little sequel allergic, as they have never made a sequel to one of their games, no matter how successful.

Unicorn Overlord characters

Of course, Unicorn Overlord definitely has the potential to be the outlier. After all, the game recently hit 500 thousand copies sold, making it one of the developer’s biggest success stories. There’s obviously a lot of potential for a sequel, and we suspect many fans would be eager to experience more of it. It’s also possible that by “sequels,” Atlus was referring to DLC, as many have been speculating it might be on its way. Although this is a little bit of a stretch, we’ll admit.

What Could a Unicorn Overlord Sequel Be About?

Unicorn Overlord has a pretty definitive ending, so long as you get the true ending. There’s not a whole load of wiggle room for another story set directly after the events of the first game, especially if they say the canonical ending is the good one. However, if they were to make the bad ending canonical, we could see another battle against Galerius, only this time with Alain hiding under the helmet.

Of course, it’s possible that a sequel could indeed be a prequel, exploring the events that lead up to the first game. Or, we may even get a sequel hundreds of years into the future, exploring what happens to Fevrith long after the Liberation Army wins. Our guess would be on the latter, as it gives Vanillaware more room to explore different concepts, characters, and ideas, which allows it to continue making something new while retaining the Unicorn Overlord name.

It’s impossible to say at this point, but it’s fair to say that fans are eager for more Unicorn Overlord content. Here’s hoping it’s in the form of a sequel. Would you like to see more Unicorn Overlord? Let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to check out our Guide Hub for more Unicorn Overlord content.

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