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Unicorn Overlord: Is There Permadeath?

Your units can be defeated in battle in Unicorn Overlord if you’re not careful, but do you need to worry about permadeath, too?

Permadeath is a challenging feature in strategy games that sees your units permanently die if they’re defeated. It’s usually reserved for some of the harder tactics games or difficulty modes. Unicorn Overlord does have permadeath, but if you were worried you’d have to protect your troops from death even on the lower difficulties, you can rest easy. It’s tied to one specific difficulty mode.

Is There Permadeath in Unicorn Overlord?

Yes, there is permadeath in Unicorn Overlord, but only on the True Zenoiran difficulty mode. There is not permadeath in any of the other difficulty modes. In the True Zenoiran difficulty mode, if a full party is wiped, then every character will be treated as Retreated and cannot be used again throughout the rest of your playthrough. However, if just one of your units within a party is killed, they can still be revived.

You will unlock the True Zenoiran difficulty mode after you have beaten the full game once. However, once you start a save in the True Zenoiran difficulty, you cannot switch to an easier difficulty. So, if a character dies that you like, you’ll have to deal with their deal permanently. Of course, it’s important that you use Revival Orbs and Healing Tonics to help keep your units alive, as well as Valor abilities such as Heal.

The True Zenoiran Difficulty in Unicorn Overlord
The True Zenoiran difficulty mode in Unicorn Overlord

It’s important to note that if a party is wiped in any of the other difficulty modes, they’ll just be temporarily unavailable. You’ll be able to use them again in the next battle. This, fortunately, makes combat a little easier for most of the difficulty modes. So, if you were scared about losing Chloe in battle, don’t worry. He’s just resting up. That’s everything you need to know about permadeath in Unicorn Overlord. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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