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Samsung Has Launched a Fortnite Creative Map & You Can Win Prizes Playing It

Samsung Electronics Australia has launched its very own Fortnite Creative map called Clash of Commuters, and you can win prizes for beating it.

Fortnite and Samsung fans can rejoice, especially if you’re Australian, as the tech company has released its very own Australian-themed Fortnite Creative map. Players can take part in it to win prizes, including a massive gaming pack worth over $8,000.

Samsung Has Launched its Own Fortnite Creative Map Inspired By Australian Public Transport

Samsung Electronics Australia has launched the Clash of Commuters Fortnite Creative map. It’s inspired by the public transport service in Australia and is full of local references, including everything from the humble Bin Chicken to a Sydney train.

The map will be running from May 2 to May 30, and during that time, players will have a chance to win prizes (more on that below.) Additionally, if you happen to be in Melbourne or Sydney, you can try out the map on the Galaxy S24 Ultra in person. In Parramatta Square in Sydney and Southern Cross Station in Melbourne, there will be interactive pop-up stations where players can try out the new map.

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These pop-up stands will be available in Parramatta Square between Saturday, May 4, and Wednesday, May 8. They will then be available in Southern Cross Station between Saturday, May 11, and Wednesday, May 15. The stands will be open between 11am and 7pm in both locations.

What Is Clash of Commuters Fortnite Creative Map?

The Clash of Commuters Fortnite Creative map sees players defend an Australian public bus across 5 checkpoints. The map is set in a dystopian Australia and will feature bin chickens, servos, and caffeine-starved commuters. A very authentic experience, then. Players will also be able to find Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra phones across the map and will get a special bonus for locating them.

To try out the Clash of Commuters map on Fortnite, enter the map code 2328-5920-2390. Alternatively, you can access it here. If you want to know more about the Clash of Commuters map, you can check out its official website here.

Clash of Commuters Prizes

There are several prizes up for grabs if you decide to play the Clash of Commuters map. The player who completes all five rounds of the Clash of Commuters campaign in the shortest amount of time will be eligible to win a Samsung gaming pack worth over $8,000. This includes a 55” OLED TV, Odyssey OLED G9 Monitor, Galaxy S24 Ultra, and Galaxy Buds2 Pro.

Additionally, there are additional prize packs if you manage to accomplish one of these feats:

  • Be the fastest player to complete the campaign on a mobile device
  • Collect the most side quest phones
  • Be one of four winners drawn at random from all completed time submissions.

To be eligible to win these prizes, you must be an Australian resident and 18 or over. Additionally, you must play the map, take a screenshot of your end screen, and upload it to the official website. That’s everything you need to know about the Clash of Commuters Fortnite Creative map. For more articles just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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