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Another Crab’s Treasure: Full Cast List

Another Crab’s Treasure may be an indie title, but the voice actor cast is fantastic, and we have you covered on who plays who.

Another Crab’s Treasure is full of great voice acting, making you feel more drawn into the story. Rather than have the characters be mute or just grunt, they have fully voiced conversations. As the title is an indie project, the cast may not be made up of familiar faces, but they bring incredible performances across the board. Naturally, they deserve the spotlight, and we have curated a list of the cast below so you can put a face to a name while playing Another Crab’s Treasure.

Zuwie LeFou – Kril

Kril, the protagonist who loses their shell home in Another Crab’s Treasure, is played by Zuwie LeFou. The talent is fairly new to the voice acting industry but has a couple of other roles, including:

  • Springy – Inanimate Insanity
  • Kitt – Project Parasomnia
  • Pumpkin Kid – The West Patch
Kril Another Crab's Treasure
Image Credit – TheGamer

Michael Reeves – Firth

Firth is one of the antagonists of Another Crab’s Treasure and is played by Michael Reeves. Players will encounter him throughout the game, and he leaves an impression behind each time he’s present. Interestingly enough, this is Reeves’ first performance, and he does a fantastic job, especially as an antagonist.

Firth Another crabs treasure
Image Credit – XCageGame on Youtube

Elizabeth Plant – Duchess Magista

Duchess Magista of Slacktide is one of the early game bosses that players encounter and is voiced by Elizabeth Plant. She has played a variety of roles in both video games and TV. Below are some of her previous performances:

  • Sentia – The Forgotten City
  • Narrator – Scent of the Desert
  • Hel Goddess of Death – Swordsman VR
Elizabeth Plant and Duchess Magista
Image Credit – (left) & XCageGame on Youtube (right)

Gianni Matragano – Roland

Roland is the posh, uptight antagonist that players will fight in Another Crab’s Treasure. Gianni Matragrano, who has portrayed numerous roles in games and anime, voiced the character. The following are some of his works:

  • Announcer – Bloodborne Kart
  • Alpha Team Leader – Vita Carnis
  • Duke Nukem – SMG4
Gianni Matragrano Roland
Image Credit – Gianni Matragrano on X (left) & Villians Wiki (right)

Steven Landes – Konche

Konche is one of the friendlier characters that players meet in the game and is a somewhat mentor to Kril. The character is voiced by Steven Landes, who has been voice acting for just over seven years now. Landes previous performances include:

  • Fareal & Broomce Lee – AFK Arena: Just Esperia Things
  • The Warden – Band Camp Boyfriend
  • Tex Macadoo – Willy’s Wonderland
Konche another crabs treasure

Eddy Yeung – Praya Dubia

Praya Dubia is a jellyfish boss that players fight two phases of in Another Crab’s Treasure. Eddy Yeung lends his voice to the character. Yeung has worked on various voice projects, mainly for video games, and continues to work in the industry. Below are some of Eddy Yeung’s previous roles:

  • Billy Lee – Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons
  • Captain Zhao Fraser – Starship Troopers: Terran Command
  • Wukong – SINthetic
Eddy yeun Praya Dubia
Image Credit – (left) & SHiNWiN on Youtube (right)

Christian Brantley – Tortellini

Tortellini is a character that players meet throughout the game, and he is voiced by Christian Brantley. He has a distinct-looking tortellini on his head and is a treasure hunter in the deep seas. Players first meet him when arriving at New Carcinia. Brantley is new to the voice acting scene, with roles only starting in 2022, but his performance in Another Crab’s Treasure is a great notch in the belt. Below are some of the roles he has performed in:

  • Tortellini – Another Crab’s Treasure
  • Sad Narrator – Haminations
  • Voice – CircleToonsHD
Christian Brantley with game screen
Image Credit – Christian Brantley IMDB (left)

That is everything to know about the voice actors in Another Crab’s Treasure. For more guides just like this one, be sure to visit our Guide Hub.


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