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Unicorn Overlord: Does Your Demo Progress Carry Over?

Unicorn Overlord’s lengthy demo allows you to experience the first 6 hours of the game, but can you carry over your progress?

It’s not uncommon for JRPGs and SRPGs to release lengthy demos that let players play the first part of the game. Unicorn Overlord is no exception, as it lets fans play all the way up to Chapter 4. However, for anyone who has sunk all of that time into it, doing it all over again in the full release may seem a little tedious. Fortunately, you can carry over your progress, but there’s a catch.

Does Your Unicorn Overlord Demo Progress Carry Over to the Full Game?

Yes, your save data from the Unicorn Overlord demo will progress to the full game. However, it only carries over if you complete the full demo. If you do not complete the demo, then you cannot carry over your save data. This applies to all platforms. So, if you did not finish the demo prior to picking up the full release but want to keep all of your progress from it, you’ll have to continue with the demo version of the game and then move over to the full game.

The demo is just over 5 hours long. Once you reach the mainland after completing the initial tutorials, a 5-hour time limit begins. Only after you run this down, or you complete the Chapter 4: The Princess Abducted mission, can you fully save your progress and carry it over to the full release. Any save data prior to this point won’t count.

The Unicorn Overlord demo save screen
You need to reach this screen before your save data will carry over.

Admittedly, this is not clear at all in the demo, which has likely confused a lot of people who’ve played a few hours and then bought the full game, expecting to pick up right where they left off. Now that you know make sure to reach that endpoint where you’re asked if you want to save the demo and carry it over to the full release. That’s everything you need to know. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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