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Unicorn Overlord: How Many Endings Are There?

If you want to see everything Unicorn Overlord has to offer, then you’ll need to know just how many endings you should expect. Surprisingly, it’s not that many.

During the story of Unicorn Overlord, Prince Alain, the rightful heir to the throne, will traverse the lands of Fevrith. The goal is to defeat the fearsome ruler, Galerius. However, as the journey nears its end, players may be curious about the game’s many endings and what they entail. Fortunately, we go over how many endings are in Unicorn Overlord below and what they are, to ensure you get the choice you prefer.

How Many Endings Are in Unicorn Overlord?

There are two endings for players to discover in Unicorn Overlord. The endings are based on what decision the player chooses after the game’s final battle. Your decisions before that point, such as whom you wish to wed or which characters to recruit or slay, will not affect the ending you get. Whatever you do end up choosing will ultimately decide the fate of the Liberation Army and the entire realm of Fevrith. You can find how each choice affects the ending below.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers for the end of Unicorn Overlord.

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Unicorn Overlord Endings Explained

There is both a good and bad ending in Unicorn Overlord. You will get the bad ending by choosing to kill Galerius and the good ending if you choose to cleanse his soul from evil. Below, we go over what occurs in each ending so players can be prepared for the choice they wish:

  • Kill Galerius (Bad Ending): Players who slay Galerius will be met with a shocking turn of events. It turns out Alain’s mother, the Queen, is under evil control and taking on the likeness of Galerius. After slaying his mother, Alain becomes possessed by Baltro and transforms into Galerius, possibly dooming the land of Fevrith.
  • Cleansing Galerius (Good Ending): Alain smites the evil from Galerius’ soul using the Ring of the Unicorn. It is then revealed that the Queen is alive and taking on Galerius’s form due to being controlled. After this revelation, players must commence a battle against the evil Baltro. Upon winning the fight, peace is brought to the world of Fevrith.

The choice is entirely up to the player, but the good ending is definitely the best path to pick. It offers a satisfying payoff to the player for all the hard work they’ve put into liberating the war-torn world. That is everything you need to know about Unicorn Overlord’s endings and what they entail. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.


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