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Zenless Zone Zero: All Playable Characters

Anticipation is running high for the upcoming addition to the HoYoverse universe, titled Zenless Zone Zero. During the Gamescom 2023 Opening Night Live showcase, the creators of Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail unveiled exciting new gameplay details.

Now, gamers can glimpse the expansive character roster awaiting them at launch, complete with details about the various factions these characters are affiliated with. Here’s the complete list of all the playable characters in Zenless Zone Zero:

Starting Characters Zenless Zone Zero
Belle and Wise, Zenless Zone Zero

Starting Characters – Zenless Zone Zero


When players start the game, they can choose between two protagonists, Belle and Wise. The characters are siblings, with Belle as the sister and Wise as the brother. When one of the two is selected, the other becomes unplayable as they become the player’s assistant to their chosen character. This isn’t something new and happens in every HoYoverse title.

Zenless Zone Zero Belobog Heavy Industries
Belobog Heavy Industries Characters L-R (Ben, Koleda, Anton)

Belobog Heavy Industries – Zenless Zone Zero

The Belobog Heavy Industries faction is known for the handling of infrastructure and construction machinery in the world of New Eridu. The operators listed below work to represent the interests of Belobog Heavy Industries.


A senior member of Belobog and works as an onsite project manager. Anton is a reliable person who is always looking to help out when people need it. Sporting arm-mounted drills as weapons, Anton may be kind-hearted but is willing to step up to fight when necessary.


Ben Bigger is a massive talking bear who also works for Belobog Heavy Industries as the head of the finance department. However, his position doesn’t mean he has no combat experience; quite the opposite, actually. Ben is a slashing melee character, utilizing a pillar as his weapon of choice, and his sheer size helps with being able to take more damage.


The current president of Belobog Heavy Industries, Koleda, may seem small, but she packs a big punch behind her. Preferring to be out in the field, she uses a massive hammer to beat down thugs throughout New Eridu. She uses a close-range attack style in quick succession, making her useful for CQC encounters.

Cunning Hares Zenless Zone Zero
Cunning Hares Operators L-R (Nicole, Anby, Nekomata, Billy)

Cunning Hares – Zenless Zone Zero

Cunning Hares is a human dispatch agency created by Nicole Demara, with their main focus to investigate anything relating to the “Hollows.” The latter is a supernatural disaster where dimensional monsters are spilling out into the world of New Eridu. The agency is committed to combating the phenomenon for the right price.


A combat specialist with a mysterious past to everyone in Zenless Zone Zero, including herself. Anby is a member of the odd-jobs agency and uses a sword that fuses with electrical elements to deal extra damage to enemies. Anby’s playstyle is very fast-paced slashing, ensuring the player keeps slashing and moving to deal damage fast and not take a lot of hits to themselves.


Also known as “Billy The Kid,” he is a cyborg working among the ranks of the Cunning Hares. Billy’s combat style is dual-wielding pistols that he uses to take on multiple groups of opponents at once. Players fighting as Billy can choose to either deal damage directly to one enemy or many while using the weapons.

Nekomiya Mana (Nekomata)

Nekomiya Mana is a spirited and mischievous individual and is seen as a trickster member of the Cunning Hares. Nekomata prefers to be up close and personal by using a small dagger as her weapon and dealing quick damage to enemies while in their faces.

Nicole Demara

Nicole founded the Gentle House odd-job agency in Zenless Zone Zero and prefers to label it as the Cunning Hares. Carrying out missions to help improve the status of her agency, Nicole’s personal weapon is a suitcase, although it’s no ordinary object, and sports a powerful cannon hidden inside of it.

Soldier 11 Zenless Zone Zero
OBOLS Squad Operator, Soldier 11

OBOLS Squad – Zenless Zone Zero

The OBOLS Squad is a defense force in the world of New Eridu. Not much is known about this faction at the moment.

Soldier 11

A member of the OBOLS Squad defense force. Soldier 11 has erased any knowledge of her original life and dedicates her new one to ensuring the current mission is completed. Her combat style is similar to that of Nicole from the Cunning Hares, using a sword for quick, successive sword slashes to defeat those in her way.

Section 6 Zenless Zone Zero
Section 6 Operators L-R (Soukaku, Miyabi)

Section 6 – Zenless Zone Zero

A special department within the faction known as the H.A.N.D. Section 6 is a newly made unit that works on the frontlines to help alleviate the Hollow threats attacking the world.


The head of the Section 6 faction, Miyabi, specializes in using swords and martial arts to fight against her foes. Being an heir to a powerful martial arts family gives Miyabi a big edge in any fight. She is someone strong with responsibility and looking to guard New Eridu to the best of her abilities.


A blue oni, Soukaku is a very powerful member of the Section 6 group. Her weapon of choice is a giant cleaver, and this gives players using her a trade-off: having more power at the sacrifice of a much lower attack speed.

Victoria Housekeeping Zenless Zone Zero
Victoria Housekeeping Operators L-R (Corin, Lycaon)

Victoria Housekeeping

A group of domestic helpers that offer a wide range of services, including cleaning up the Hollow problem.


Corin Wickes is a member of Victoria Housekeeping and is known for wielding her trusty chainsaw as a means to fight. She relies on slash attacks and physical damage to make it through encounters.


Also known as Von Lycaon, he is a loyal and great ally for players to have on their roster. Lycaon is the second full animal character, with the appearance of a dog. The player can expect a striking combat style with ice elements when playing as Lycaon, with his fists and knees being the weapons he uses.

This is everything you need to know about the characters in Zenless Zone Zero. Which one is your favorite?


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