Zenless Zone Zero Screen

Is Zenless Zone Zero A Gacha Game?

Zenless Zone Zero is the latest Action RPG game by HoYoverse and looks set to provide a similar Gacha experience for fans.

Gameplay was shown during the Opening Night Live event at Gamescom 2023. However, even though we know what to expect in terms of gameplay, players want to know if it will join the roster of ever-expanding gacha games.

Zenless Zone Zero Character

What is a Gacha Game?

Although the term “gacha” may sound like “gotcha” and suggests an ulterior motive that the game has, it’s quite the opposite. The term originates from vending machines in Japan that dispense toys; the machines are known as “Gachapon.” The machines are designed so that the dispenced toy is completely randomized.

Game developers start implementing this unique feature into their games, even basing their entire game mechanics around it. For example, Genshin Impact‘s characters and weapons are locked behind its gacha system, known in the game as “Wishes”. Other mobile games are known for having this feature as well, including Marvel Strike Force and Dragon Ball Legends.

With Zenless Zone Zero being the newest title, many players are curious if the game is going to follow suit just like its predecessors.

Zenless Zone Zero Character

Is Zenless Zone Zero a Gacha?

As the urban aesthetic RPG is being developed by HoYoverse (miHoYo), we can predict that Zenless Zone Zero is likely to be a new gacha game.

However, that doesn’t necessarily taint the experience of the game. Judging from the gameplay shown in the Opening Night Live showcase, Zenless Zone Zero looks to deliver a fun and energetic experience mixed with RPG action.

Zenless Zone Zero is going to be released on PC and mobile. No official date for the game has been given, but a release window of 2024 is expected.