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Stellar Blade: Is There New Game Plus?

It’s easy to miss content in Stellar Blade, so many are likely wondering whether there’s a New Game Plus mode to allow you to revisit it all.

New Game Plus is a handy feature that’s become a necessity in most games these days. It allows players to revisit a game but with everything already unlocked. Essentially, this makes it very easy to go and check off anything you’ve missed the first time around. As Stellar Blade has a lot of missable content, fans will definitely want to know whether there’s a New Game Plus mode they can rely on once they’ve wrapped up the main story.

Does Stellar Blade Have New Game Plus?

Yes, Stellar Blade does have a New Game Plus mode. This is unlocked after you beat any of the game’s multiple endings. It allows you to carry over various aspects of your character into a brand-new save. That way you’ll be able to experience the story all over again, although with everything already unlocked. The New Game Plus mode was added in a day-one patch. It’s lucky for those who will breeze through the game’s relatively short runtime.

How to Start Stellar Blade New Game Plus

To start a New Game Plus save in Stellar Blade, you must first beat one of the game’s multiple endings. This is relatively straightforward, as two of them require you to pick an option at the end of the game. Once you’ve beaten the game, you’ll need to head back to the main menu and select the New Game Plus option from the list.

After selecting New Game Plus, you’ll be prompted to select a save file from which to continue your New Game Plus save. This just allows the game to transfer everything from that save. It’s also worth noting that a Hard difficulty mode unlocks after beating the main game as well.

The New Game Plus option in the Stellar Blade main menu
In-game screenshot

What Carries Over in Stellar Blade New Game Plus Mode?

Your Gold, Exosuits, Gear, consumables, upgrades, skills, Drone Upgrades, and the SP you had at the end of your save will carry over. So, essentially, everything you had at the end of your first playthrough will carry over. This will allow you to collect any of the outfits you missed out on, as well as wrap up the game’s many side quests. That’s everything you need to know. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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