Egg Room in Animal Well

Animal Well: How to Unlock the Map & Stamps

Players will want to unlock the map in Animal Well in order to make exploration significantly easier. Here’s exactly how to get it.

Traversing a Metroidvania without a map is pretty much impossible. So, it may shock some players to learn that Animal Well doesn’t just hand you a map at the start. Instead, you’ll have to go locate it. Fortunately, you can get it pretty much immediately. However, it’ll take a little bit of work. Below, we’ve explained exactly how to get the map and Stamps for it in Animal Well.

How to Unlock the Map in Animal Well

To unlock the map in Animal Well, you must find it in a chest near the spawn location at the start of the game. To get there, simply head right from the spawn location until you find a Telephone. Go right from there until you reach a room with a ghost enemy and a platform. Defeat the enemy with a Firecracker and then use the crank to bring the platform up. Use the platform to reach the ladder on the right and climb it. At the top, turn right and enter a room with a chest. Inside the chest is the map.

Once you’ve gotten the map, you’ll be able to see everything you’ve currently explored. The map will be updated as you visit more rooms. Of course, it isn’t the most detailed map, as it won’t mark specific puzzles or enemies. Fortunately, you can unlock Stamps that you can use to mark important locations. We’ve explained how to get those below.

Getting the map in Animal Well

How to Unlock & Use Map Stamps in Animal Well

To get Stamps in Animal Well, you’ll need to open the chest on the right side of the Egg room with the giant peacock. To get here, simply head left from where you found the map, and you’ll enter an area with three green penguins. Climb the ladder above them and then head left. You’ll enter the Egg room, and from here, you can find the chest on the right.

Once you’ve unlocked Stamps, simply open up your map and then press Y or Triangle to place one anywhere you’d like. You can place up to 64 Stamps on your map. They’ll stay there until you remove them, so don’t worry about them disappearing. Use them to track any tough areas, hard-to-reach treasures, or complex puzzles. That way, you won’t miss anything as you explore.

That’s everything you need to know about unlocking the map in Animal Well. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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