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Starfield: Full Command Console and Cheats List

Starfield is an absolutely enormous game and those who don’t want to grind for hours on end might look towards using cheats to speed up the game.

Cheats have been present in video games since the 80s and can dramatically change how a game plays. Bethesda’s space epic, Starfield, is also one that allows players to change the game through cheats. Here is the ultimate cheat codes list:

Creature Starfield

How to Use The Starfield Command Console

The command console is what allows for cheats to be entered and enabled in Starfield. In order to begin, players must first press the tilde key on the keyboard (~). After it’s pressed, Starfield will pause, and a notification will pop up letting players know that achievements will be disabled if cheats are activated.

Pressing the tilde key again (~) will close the console command, and the warning can be dismissed by pressing the OK button. Once a player decides to use cheats and opens the console command, entering the codes and pressing the enter key will enable them. After entering any amount of cheats you wish, close the command and play the game as you were. Here are all the cheats available in Starfield.

Starfield Console Commands Pic
Image Credit – The Nerd Stash

Starfield Cheats

God Mode

tgmEnables god mode, making you invulnerable and giving you infinite stamina and carry weight. Something that is definitely needed in Starfield.
timEnables immortal mode: You take damage but your health never drops to zero.

Items Requests

Requesting items works slightly differently as the player must add a numerical value to the command. Doing so will spawn the amount of that item in Starfield, so if the command has a [#] then swapping in a number, an example being player.additem f 50, giving the player 50 of one item.

In terms of the terms [item ID], replace that with the ID in order to spawn the item corresponding to it. An Item ID section will be listed below.

player.additem [item ID] [#]Adds a quantity of a specified item to your inventory.
player.additem f [#]Adds a digipick to inventory. Replace [#] with the desired amount.
player.additem a [#]Adds a digipick to inventory. Replace [#] with desired amount.
[Reference ID].amod [mod ID]Attaches a mod to a weapon. If you drop a weapon, open the console, and then click on it to obtain its reference ID.
PlaceAtMe 0019121F 10000Spawns 10,000 milk cartons at your location.

Player Character Changes

player.setlevel [#]Raise or lower your player level.
player.setav health [#]Sets your max health level.
player.setav speedmult [#]Set player speed multiplier. Set this number to anything more than 100 to speed up movement.
player.setav carryweight [#]Sets your maximum carry weight to specified amount.
player.setpos x [#]Moves the player character on the x axis.
showlooksmenu player 1Opens the character creator.
showlooksmenu player 2Opens partial character creator (traits and background cannot be changed).
sexchangeChange your character’s body type and return the player character to default.
player.addperk [perk ID]Adds a skill, trait, or background.
player.removeperk [perk ID]Remove a skill, trait, or background.
psbAdd every power.
setforcespeechchallengealwayssucceed [1 or 0]If set to 1, all speech challenges will succeed. setforcespeechchallengealwaysfail does the opposite.
player.paycrimegold 0 0 [faction ID]Pays off the bounty with a given faction.
player.killThe player character will die

Starfield Traversal and World

tmHides all UI. Type it again to bring UI back.
tfcEnables free cam.
tclToggles collision, letting you walk through walls and into the air.
tgpToggles pause.
tmm 1Adds map markers for all locations on a planet’s surface permanently.
tdetectUndetectable in stealth.
sgtm [#]SetGlobalTimeMultiplier or sgtm changes the game speed. Less than 1 slows time down, more than 1 speeds it up.
showmenu sleepwaitmenuOpen the “pass time” menu.
passtime [#]Passes a number of hours.
unlockUnlock the targeted door or object.
setgravityscale [#]Change the local gravity.
setscale [#]Reduce or enlarge the targeted NPC or object. (Doesn’t work on the player.)
RefuelSpaceshipRefuels the targeted spaceship, or the player’s ship if nothing is targeted.


killWith the Starfield console open, click an NPC to target them, then type kill to kill them. Important characters may only be incapacitated.
kahKills all hostile entities nearby
killallKills all entities nearby
resurrectResurrect targeted corpse (in the case of generic NPCs, another generic NPC).
forcedbleedoutMake a character bleed out.
taiToggles AI on and off: NPCs will stop where they are and won’t do anything at all.
tcaiToggles NPC combat AI, making all NPCs passive.

Space Physics

player.setpos x 10Use while standing in your cockpit, but not piloting, to teleport just outside the vessel in Starfield
setgravityscale 0Puts you in zero gravity.


player.paycrimegold 0 0 00010B30Pay off bounty with the Crimson Fleet
player.paycrimegold 0 0 000638E5Pay off Freestar Collective bounty.
player.paycrimegold 0 0 0026FDEAPay off Ryujin Industries bounty.
player.paycrimegold 0 0 0022E53DPay off bounty with Trade Authority
player.paycrimegold 0 0 0005BD93Pay off United Colonies bounty.
Flirting with Sarah Starfield
Flirt option with Sarah in Starfield


getav com_affinityTells you a companion’s affinity toward you.
setav com_affinity [#]Changes a companion’s affinity toward you.
Setav com_affinitylevel [#]Set’s an affinity level. 0.00 is Neutral, 1.00 Friendship, 2.00 Affection, 3.00 Commitment.


*As a note, Starfield skills can also be removed by changing the command to player.removeperk [id]

player.addperk 002C59DFAdds one level to Boxing skill.
player.addperk 002CE2DDAdds one level to Fitness skill.
player.addperk 002CFCB2Adds one level to Stealth skill.
player.addperk 002C59D9Adds one level to Weight Lifting skill.
player.addperk 002CE2E1Adds one level to Wellness skill.
player.addperk 002C59E2Adds one level to Energy Weapon Dissipation skill.
player.addperk 0028AE17Adds one level to Environmental Conditioning skill.
player.addperk 0028AE29Adds one level to Gymnastics skill.
player.addperk 002CFCADAdds one level to Nutrition skill.
player.addperk 002CFCAEAdds one level to Pain Tolerance skill.
player.addperk 0028AE14Adds one level to Decontamination skill
player.addperk 002C5554Adds a level to Martial Arts skill.
player.addperk 002C555EAdds a level to Concealment skill.
player.addperk 002C53B4Adds a level to Neurostrikes skill.
player.addperk 0028AE13Adds a level to Rejuvenation skill.

Skills – Social

player.addperk 002C5A8EAdds a level to Commerce.
player.addperk 002C5A94Adds a level to Gastronomy.
player.addperk 0022EC82Adds a level to Persuasion.
player.addperk 0028B853Adds a level to Scavenging.
player.addperk 002C555BAdds a level to Theft.
player.addperk 002CFCAFAdds a level to Deception.
player.addperk 002C59E1Adds a level to Diplomacy.
player.addperk 002C59DEAdds a level to Intimidation.
player.addperk 002C53AEAdds a level to Isolation.
player.addperk 002C555FAdds a level to Negotiation.
player.addperk 002C555DAdds a level to Instigation.
player.addperk 002C890DAdds a level to Leadership.
player.addperk 0023826FAdds a level to Outpost Management
player.addperk 002C5555Adds a level to Manipulation.
player.addperk 002C53B3Adds a level to Ship Command.
player.addperk 002C53B0Adds a level to Xenosociology.
Starfield Dream Home
Starfield Screenshot of New Atlantis

Skills – Combat

player.addperk 002CFCABAdds a level to Ballistics.
player.addperk 002CFCB0Adds a level to Dueling.
player.addperk 002C59DDAdds a level to Lasers.
player.addperk 002080FFAdds a level to Pistol Certification.
player.addperk 0027DF97Adds a level to Shotgun Certification.
player.addperk 002C5556Adds a level to Demolitions.
player.addperk 00147E38Adds a level to Heavy Weapons Certification.
player.addperk 0027DF96Adds a level to Incapacitation.
player.addperk 0027BAFDAdds a level to Particle Beams.
player.addperk 002CE2E0Adds a level to Rifle Certification.
player.addperk 002C890BAdds a level to Marksmanship.
player.addperk 002C555AAdds a level to Rapid Reloading.
player.addperk 002C53B1Adds a level to Sniper Certification.
player.addperk 002C59DAAdds a level to Targeting.
player.addperk 0027DF94Adds a level to Armor Penetration.
player.addperk 0027CBBAAdds a level to Crippling.
player.addperk 002C53AFAdds a level to Sharpshooting.

Skills – Science

player.addperk 002C5560Adds a level to Astrodynamics.
player.addperk 002CE29FAdds a level to Geology.
player.addperk 002CE2DFAdds a level to Medicine.
player.addperk 002C555CAdds a level to Research Methods.
player.addperk 0027CBC1Adds a level to Surveying.
player.addperk 002C5557Adds a level to Botany.
player.addperk 002CFCB1Adds a level to Scanning.
player.addperk 0027CBC3Adds a level to Spacesuit Design.
player.addperk 002C890CAdds a level to Weapon Engineering.
player.addperk 002C5552Adds a level to Zoology.
player.addperk 0027CBBBAdds a level to Astrophysics.
player.addperk 002CE2C0Adds a level to Chemistry.
player.addperk 002C59E0Adds a level to Outpost Engineering.
player.addperk 002C2C5AAdds a level to Aneutronic Fusion.
player.addperk 0027CBC2Adds a level to Planetary Habitation.
player.addperk 0004CE2DAdds a level to Special Projects.

Skills – Tech

player.addperk 002CE2C2Ballistic Weapon Systems
player.addperk 00146C2CBoost Pack Training
player.addperk 002CFCACPiloting
player.addperk 002CE2E2Security
player.addperk 002C5559Targeting Control Systems
player.addperk 002C59DBEnergy Weapon Systems
player.addperk 002CE2DEEngine Systems
player.addperk 00143B6BPayloads
player.addperk 002C2C59Shield Systems
player.addperk 002C5558Missile Weapon Systems
player.addperk 002C2C5BParticle Beam Weapon Systems
player.addperk 002C5553Robotics
player.addperk 002C59DCStarship Design
player.addperk 002AC953Starship Engineering
player.addperk 0027B9EDAutomated Weapon Systems
player.addperk 0008C3EEBoost Assault Training
player.addperk 002C53B2EM Weapon Systems


player.addperk 00227FDAAlien DNA
player.addperk 00227FDFDream Home
player.addperk 00227FD6Empath
player.addperk 00227FD7Extrovert
player.addperk 00227FD5Freestar Collective Settler
player.addperk 00227FD9Hero Worshipped
player.addperk 00227FD8Introvert
player.addperk 00227FDEKid Stuff
player.addperk 00227FD3Neon Street Rat
player.addperk 00227FD2Raised Enlightened
player.addperk 00227FD1Raised Universal
player.addperk 00227FD0Serpent’s Embrace
player.addperk 00227FE2Spaced
player.addperk 00227FE0Taskmaster
player.addperk 00227FE1Terra Firma
player.addperk 00227FD4United Colonies Native
player.addperk 00227FDDWanted

Starfield Weapons to Spawn

player.additem 002BF65B 1AA-99
player.additem 0026D965 1Arc Welder
player.additem 0026D964 1AutoRivet
player.additem 0026F181 1Barrow Knife
player.additem 0004716C 1Beowulf
player.additem 0026D963 1Big Bang
player.additem 000547A3 1Breach
player.additem 0026D96A 1Bridger
player.additem 0026D961 1Calibrated solstice
player.additem 0026D96B 1Coachman
player.additem 00035A48 1Combat Knife
player.additem 00016758 1Cutter
player.additem 002F413A 1Discarded Sidestar
player.additem 0018DE2C 1Drum Beat
player.additem 0026D96E 1Ecliptic Pistol
player.additem 000476C4 1Eon
player.additem 0001BC4F 1Equinox
player.additem 00028A02 1Grendel
player.additem 000546CC 1Hard Target
player.additem 00253A16 1Kodama
player.additem 0021FEB4 1Kraken
player.additem 0002D7F4 1Lawgiver
player.additem 002984DF 1Maelstrom
player.additem 00023606 1MagPulse
player.additem 0002EB3C 1MagShear
player.additem 0002EB42 1MagShot
player.additem 0002EB45 1MagSniper
player.additem 0026035E 1MagStorm
player.additem 000546CD 1Microgun
player.additem 0026D968 1Novablast Disruptor
player.additem 0026D967 1Novalight
player.additem 0026ED2A 1Old Earth Assault Rifle
player.additem 0021BBCD 1Old Earth Hunting Rifle
player.additem 00278F74 1Old Earth Shotgun
player.additem 002773C8 1Orion
player.additem 0026D966 1Osmium Dagger
player.additem 002953F8 1Pacifier
player.additem 00040826 1Rattler
player.additem 00000FD6 1Razorback
player.additem 0002CB5F 1Regulator
player.additem 0004F760 1Rescue Axe
player.additem 0026D960 1Shotty
player.additem 0026D95D 1Sidestar
player.additem 0026D8A3 1Tanto
player.additem 0002EB36 1Tombstone
player.additem 0026D8A5 1UC Naval Cutlass
player.additem 0026D96D 1Urban Eagle
player.additem 0026D8A0 1Va’Ruun Inflictor
player.additem 0026D8A2 1Va’Ruun Painblade
player.additem 0026D8A4 1Va’Ruun Starshard
player.additem 0026D8A1 1Wakiazashi

Ammo Types to Spawn

player.additem 002B559C 100.27 Caliber
player.additem 002B559A 100.43 MI Array
player.additem 02B5599 100.43 Ultramag
player.additem 002B5598 100.45 Caliber ACP
player.additem 002B5597 100.50 Caliber Caseless
player.additem 002B5596 100.50 MI Array
player.additem 002BAE3F 1001.5KV LZR Cartridges
player.additem 002B5595 10011MM Caseless
player.additem 002B5594 10012.5MM ST Rivet
player.additem 000547A1 10012G Shotgun Shell
player.additem 002B4AFC 10015X25 CLL Shotgun Shell
player.additem 0000E8EC 1003KV LZR Cartridge
player.additem 002B5592 10040MM XPL
player.additem 002B5590 1006.5MM CT
player.additem 002B558F 1006.5MM MI Array
player.additem 002B558E 1007.5MM Whitehot
player.additem 002B558D 1007.62x39MM
player.additem 0004AD3E 1007.77MM Caseless
player.additem 002B559B 1009x39MM
player.additem 002B4AFB 100Caseless Shotgun Shell
player.additem 002B558A 100Heavy Particle Fuse
player.additem 002783C7 100Light Particle Fuse

Starfield Weapon Mods to Spawn

Spawning weapon mods in Starfield work slightly differently, as you must get the weapon’s reference ID by dropping it and clicking on it with the command console active. The command to spawn mods is [weapon reference ID].amod [mod ID]. If a player wishes to remove the mods, substitute a.mod with .rmod.

000FF442Anti-Personnel: +10% damage against humans)
000FEA07Bashing: Deals double damage when gun bashing.
000F437EBerserker: Does more damage the less armor one has.
000F428ECornered: Damage increases as health decreases.
000FC884Demoralizing: Small chance to demoralize a target.
001625EBDisassembler: +20% damage against robots.
0031C0C5Elemental: Randomly deals Corrosive, Radiation, Poison, and Incendiary damage.
000FA8D6Explosive: Randomly switches to explosive rounds.
000FFA3BExtended Magazine: Doubles the base magazine capacity.
0015DD18Exterminator: +30% damage against aliens.
000FC8A4Frenzy: Small chance to frenzy a target.
000EA117Furious: Each consecutive hit deals more damage.
000EA0BAHandloading: Volatile rounds that are designed to pack a bigger punch, but aren’t as stable and can fail on occasion.
00122F1CHitman: +15% damage while aiming.
2983Incendiary: 10% chance to ignite nearby attackers.
0007D728Incendiary: Randomly deals incendiary damage.
000F2013Instigating: Deals double damage to targets with full health.
000FEA49Lacerate: Randomly applies a bleed effect to the target.
000FFA3CMed Theft: Chance that humans drop extra Med Packs on death.
00319AECPoison: Randomly deals poison damage and slows the target.
000FEA04Rapid: +25% increase in attack speed.
000F4557Shattering: Break through even the strongest armor.
0031C0C4Skip Shot: Every fourth shot fires two projectiles at once.
000F7321Space-Adept: +30% damage while in space, -15% damage while on a planet.
000E8D64Staggering: Small chance to stagger enemies.
0031C0C6Telsa: Rounds will sometimes emit electricity where they land which damages and slows nearby targets.
000FFA3DTitanium Build: Premium build materials make this weapon light as a feather.


player.additem 00228570 1Bounty Hunter Spacesuit
player.additem 001E2B18 1Constellation Spacesuit
player.additem 0005278E 1Deep Mining Spacesuit
player.additem 002265AE 1Deep Recon Spacesuit
player.additem 002265AE 1Deepcore Spacesuit
player.additem 0016D2C4 1Deepseeker Spacesuit
player.additem 00026BF1Deimos Spacesuit
player.additem 0022856F 1Ecliptic Spacesuit
player.additem 002265AF 1Explorer Spacesuit
player.additem 001F22BB 1Gran-Gran’ Spacesuit
player.additem 002392B5 1Ground Crew Spacesuit
player.additem 00065925 1Incendiary Experimental Nishina Spacesuit
player.additem 00226299 1Mantis Spacesuit
player.additem 0001754D 1Mark I Spacesuit
player.additem 001D0F96 1Mercury Spacesuit
player.additem 00225FC9 1Monster Costume
player.additem 00067C94 1Navigator Spacesuit
player.additem 0003084E 1Old Earth Spacesuit
player.additem 0013F97D 1Peacemaker Spacesuit
player.additem 00066821Pirate Assault Spacesuit
player.additem 00066826 1Pirate Charger Spacesuit
player.additem 00066828 1Pirate Corsair Spacesuit
player.additem 0006682A 1Pirate Sniper Spacesuit
player.additem 00227CA0 1Ranger Spacesuit
player.additem 0022B8F6 1Repulsing Explorer Spacesuit
player.additem 0007B2B9 1Sentinel’s UC Antixeno Spacesuit
player.additem 002265AD 1Shocktroop Spacesuit
player.additem 0021C780 1Space Trucker Spacesuit
player.additem 00004E78 1Star Roamer Spacesuit
player.additem 0012E187 1Starborn Spacesuit Astra
player.additem 001CBA52 1Starborn Spacesuit Avitus
player.additem 001CBA4E 1Starborn Spacesuit Bellum
player.additem 0021C77E 1Starborn Spacesuit Gravitas
player.additem 001CBA4A 1Starborn Spacesuit Locus
player.additem 001CBA49 1Starborn Spacesuit Locus
player.additem 002D7365 1Starborn Spacesuit Solis
player.additem 002D7346 1Starborn Spacesuit Tempus
player.additem 001CBA4D 1Starborn Spacesuit Tenebris
player.additem 0021C77F 1Starborn Spacesuit Venator
player.additem 002AAF44 1SysDef Ace Spacesuit
player.additem 00398104 1SysDef Assault Spacesuit
player.additem 0039810A 1SysDef Combat Spacesuit
player.additem 00398108 1SysDef Sec Recon Spacesuit
player.additem 00398103 1SysDef Spacesuit
player.additem 00166404 1Trackers Alliance Spacesuit
player.additem 00166410 1UC Ace Spacesuit
player.additem 00206130 1UC AntiXeno Spacesuit
player.additem 00257808 1UC Combat Spacesuit
player.additem 00257805 1UC Marine Spacesuit
player.additem 000EF9B0 1UC Sec Combat Spacesuit
player.additem 000EF9AF 1UC Sec Recon Spacesuit
player.additem 000EF9AE 1UC Sec Starlaw Spacesuit
player.additem 000EF9AD 1UC Security Spacesuit
player.additem 00257809 1UC Startroop Spacesuit
player.additem 0021A86A 1UC Urbanwar Spacesuit
player.additem 00248C0F 1UC Vanguard Spacesuit
player.additem 0025780A 1UC Wardog Spacesuit
player.additem 00227CA3 1Va’Ruun Spacesuit
Starfield Trailer Screenshot
Starfield – In-game Screenshot

Starfield Helmets

player.additem 001466F6 1Black Graviplas Helmet
player.additem 001466FA 1Black Open Graviplas Helmet
player.additem 001C0F32 1Bounty Hunter Space Helmet
player.additem 002EDE9C 1Broken Constellation Space Helmet
player.additem 001466F7 1Brown Graviplas Helmet
player.additem 001E2B17 1Constellation Space Helmet
player.additem 0003B424 1Cydonia Space Helmet
player.additem 00052792 1Deep Mining Space Helmet
player.additem 00169F54 1Deep Recon Space Helmet
player.additem 0006ABFF 1Deepcore Space Helmet
player.additem 0016D15C 1Deeseeker Space Helmet
player.additem 00026BF0 1Deimos Space Helmet
player.additem 00228829 1Ecliptic Space Helmet
player.additem 00169F50 1Explorer Space Helmet
player.additem 0021F3F4 1First Solider Helmet
player.additem 003CD812 1Generdyne Guard Helmet
player.additem 001F22BC 1Gran-Gran’s Space Helmet
player.additem 000781F7 1Graviplas Merc Helmet
player.additem 001466F8 1Gray Graviplas Helmet
player.additem 001466FC 1Gray Open Graviplas Helmet
player.additem 002392B4 1Ground Crew Space Helmet
player.additem 0010A25E 1Incendiary UC AntiXeno Space Helmet (Legendary)
player.additem 0016640A 1Mantis Space Helmet
player.additem 0001754F 1Mark I Space Helmet
player.additem 0016E0B5 1Mercenary Space Helmet
player.additem 001D0F94 1Mercury Space Helmet
player.additem 00067C93 1Navigator Space Helmet
player.additem 001F73EF 1Neon Security Helmet
player.additem 0003084D 1Old Earth Space Helmet
player.additem 000781F8 1Open Graviplas Helmet
player.additem 0016E0C3 1Operative Helmet
player.additem 0013F97B 1Peacemaker Helmet
player.additem 00066822 1Pirate Assault Space Helmet
player.additem 00066827 1Pirate Charge Space Helmet
player.additem 00066829 1Pirate Corsair Space Helmet
player.additem 0006682B 1Pirate Sniper Space Helmet
player.additem 001E2AC1 1Ranger Space Helmet
player.additem 00065926 1Reactive Experimental Nishina Helmet (Legendary)
player.additem 0037A34F 1Ryujin Guard Helmet
player.additem 00165718 1Security Guard Helmet
player.additem 00169F58 1Shocktrooper Space Helmet
player.additem 0016E0BD 1Space Trucker Space Helmet
player.additem 00003E8F 1Star Roamer Space Helmet
player.additem 002F4B39 1SY-920 Space Helmet
player.additem 00398107 1SysDef Armored Space Helmet
player.additem 00398106 1SysDef Space Helmet
player.additem 002AAF45 1System Def Ace Space Helmet
player.additem 001466F9 1Teal Graviplas Helmet
player.additem 001466FD 1Teal Open Graviplas Helmet
player.additem 00166403 1Trackers Alliance Space Helmet
player.additem 0014E44E 1Trident Guard Helmet
player.additem 0016640F 1UC Ace Pilot Space Helmet
player.additem 0025780B 1UC Armored Space Helmet
player.additem 00257806 1UC Marine Space Helmet
player.additem 000EF9B2 1UC Sec Spaceriot Helmet
player.additem 0025E8D5 1UC Security Helmet
player.additem 000EF9B1 1UC Security Space Helmet
player.additem 0021A86B 1UC Urbanwar Space Helmet
player.additem 00248C0E 1UC Vanguard Space Helmet
player.additem 0016D3D1 1Va’ruun Space Helmet

Boost Packs

player.additem 001C0F34 1Bounty Hunter Seek
player.additem 001C0F35 1Bounty Hunter Stalk
player.additem 001C0F33 1Bounty Hunter Track
player.additem 001E2B19 1Constellation
player.additem 0003B423 1Cydonia
player.additem 002EDF1F 1Deep Mining
player.additem 00169F55 1Deep Recon
player.additem 000FD333 1Deepcore
player.additem 0016D15B 1Deepseeker
player.additem 00026BEF 1Deimos
player.additem 00026BF2 1Deimos Tunnel
player.additem 00166407 1Ecliptic
player.additem 00169F51Explorer
player.additem 002392B3 1Ground Crew
player.additem 00003A77 1High School Backpack
player.additem 0016640B 1Mantis
player.additem 0001754E 1Mark I
player.additem 0016E0B6 1Mercenary
player.additem 001D0F95 1Mercury
player.additem 00067C95 1Navigator
player.additem 0003084C 1Old Earth
player.additem 0013F97C 1Peacemaker
player.additem 00066824 1Pirate Raiding
player.additem 00066825 1Pirate Survival
player.additem 001E2AF7 1Ranger
player.additem 00169F59 1Shocktroop
player.additem 0016E0BB 1Space Trucker
player.additem 00003E90 1Star Roamer
player.additem 001773BD 1SY-920 Pilot
player.additem 00398105 1SysDef
player.additem 002AAF43 1SysDef Pilot
player.additem 00166402 1Trackers Alliance
player.additem 00029C7A 1Tunnel Mining
player.additem 0016640E 1UC Ace Pilot
player.additem 0010A25D 1UC AntiXeno Armor Plated (Legendary)
player.additem 0020612F 1UC AntiXeno Skip Pack
player.additem 00257807 1UC Marine
player.additem 000EF9AC 1UC Security
player.additem 0021A86C 1UC Shock Armor
player.additem 003E3D4F 1UC Vanguard Pilot
player.additem 0016D3D0 1VA Ruun power pack
Starfield Open Area
Starfield In-game Screenshot of Temple

Armor Mods

Modding armor in Starfield works in the same vein as weapons by highlighting the dropped piece of armor while the command console is active. The command for armor is [weapon reference ID].amod [mod ID]. As with the weapons. removing armor mods is simply done by removing .amod and putting it .rmod.

3E612FBalanced Boostpack
3AD4D9Ballistic Shielding
3E6131Basic Boostpack
3AD4DAEM Shielding
34BAA3Emergency Aid
3AD4DBEnergy Shielding
3A83E7Exo Servos
F77AAExplosive Shielding
24529AExtra Capacity
F77B7Gravitic Composites
1CAC94Hazard Protection
F77AFHeavy Shielding
3A83E1Optimized Servos
50AB3Oxygen Reserve
3E6130Power Boostpack
3A83D9Sensor Array
3E6132Skip Capacity Boostpack
2983Incendiary: 10% chance to ignite attackers

Food to Spawn

player.addItem 0029B062 1Spawns an Alien Sandwich
player.additem 0029B065 1Spawns Alien Scramble
player.additem 0029B052 1Spawns Alien Tea
player.additem 00249C30 1Spawns Dawn’s Roost Strip
player.additem 00143CB1 1Spawns Junk Flush
player.additem 002383E9 1Spawns Latke
player.additem 004B1D8 1Spawns Lemon
player.additem 00092B9B 1Spawns Lettuce
player.additem 0019121F 1Spawns Milk
player.additem 00003A1F 1Spawns Onion
player.additem 00003A22 1Spawns Orange
player.additem 00249C38 1Spawns Panache
player.additem 002C7233 1Spawns Pizza Square
player.additem 00003A26 1Spawns Potato
player.additem 002C7237 1Spawns Raisin Bran Cereal
player.additem 002C587F 1Spawns Red Trench
player.additem 002543B7 1Spawns Sandwich
player.additem 00243FA5 1Spawns Supernova
player.additem 00092B96 1Spawns Tomato
player.additem 00092B97 1Spawns Watermelon
Starfield – In-game Screenshot


player.addItem 003E3D51 1Ambassador suit
player.addItem 001C84DB 1Argos jacketed jumpsuit
player.addItem 003E8E7F 1Bayu’s corpwear
player.addItem 001466EE 1Black elbow grease gear
player.addItem 001466F2 1Black engineering outfit
player.addItem 001466EA 1Black leather jumpsuit
player.addItem 00246B32 1Blue collar offwork duds
player.addItem 00246B30 1Blue collar offwork hat
player.addItem 00077814 1Blue elbow grease gear
player.addItem 003A264E 1Blue lab outfit
player.addItem 0029E174 1Blue labor jumpsuit
player.addItem 00077810 1Blue UC leather jumpsuit
player.addItem 001466EF 1Brown elbow grease gear
player.addItem 001466F3 1Brown engineering outfit
player.addItem 00062EA3 1Brown leather jumpsuit
player.addItem 001466EB 1Brown leather jumpsuit
player.addItem 003FDBF7 1C Morgan’s suit
player.addItem 001A8DDD 1Chunks service uniform
player.addItem 00235B7D 1Clean suit
player.addItem 001A4253 1Corpo boardroom suit
player.addItem 00190D0B 1Corpo executive suit
player.addItem 002265B0 1Corpo power suit
player.addItem 0019F9C1 1Corpo salary suit
player.addItem 002265B1 1Corpo sleek suit
player.addItem 001F1DCE 1Cream and blue dress
player.addItem 00177494 1Dalton Fiennes’s suit
player.addItem 002BA0E3 1Deputy hat
player.addItem 002262D3 1Disciples tagwear
player.addItem 001625DC 1DJ Headphones
player.addItem 001625DB 1DJ Headphones cap
player.addItem 0017A439 1ECS Captian actionwear
player.addItem 0017A436 1ECS Captian uniform
player.addItem 0017A437 1ECS Officer uniform
player.addItem 0017A438 1ECS uniform
player.addItem 00077816 1Engineering outfit
player.addItem 001A8DE6 1Enhanced service uniform
player.addItem 00204002 1Farming hat
player.addItem 002262D5 1Farming outfit
player.addItem 00250C86 1Fashionable suit
player.addItem 0010799A 1Faye Sengsavahn’s outfit
player.addItem 003EC02E 1Filthy physician uniform
player.addItem 003E5D26 1First mercenary outfit
player.addItem 0021113E 1First officer hat
player.addItem 00228826 1First officer outfit
player.addItem 00228825 1First soldier outfit
player.addItem 0024EF42 1Fishworker mask
player.addItem 0024EF40 1Fishworker splashwear
player.addItem 0024EF41 1Fishworker wetwear
player.addItem 0021BBF1 1Franklin Roosevelt’s outfit
player.addItem 00224FE9 1Freestar dustwear
player.addItem 0021712A 1Freestar militia hat
player.addItem 00228827 1Freestar militia uniform
player.addItem 001CB843 1Galbank service uniform
player.addItem 003CD810 1Generoyne security uniform
player.addItem 00177492 1Genevieve monohan’s suit
player.addItem 001D8426 1Genghis Khan’s hat
player.addItem 002262D2 1Genghis Khan’s outfit
player.addItem 003CD80F 1Genroyne lab outfit
player.addItem 001466F0 1Gray elbow grease gear
player.addItem 0029E175 1Gray labor jumpsuit
player.addItem 001466EC 1Gray leather jumpsuit
player.addItem 002619EF 1Green fashionable suit
player.addItem 0029AEAE 1Hazmat suit
player.addItem 00108353 1Ikande’s Sysdef officer uniform
player.addItem 00177493 1Imogene Salzo’s suit
player.additem 000788aa 1Jacketed leatherwear
player.addItem 00177495 1Linden Calderi’s suit
player.addItem 00226298 1Masako Imada’s outfit
player.addItem 00030B4B 1Matteo Khatri’s hat
player.addItem 00030B4D 1Matteo Khatri’s outfit
player.addItem 000028A5 1Medic uniform
player.addItem 001A52D1 1Megacorp executive suit
player.addItem 002262D1 1Mei Devine’s outfit
player.addItem 0026D8AA 1Miner hard hat outfit
player.addItem 0001D1D9 1Miner jacketed jumpsuit
player.addItem 0001D1D7 1Miner jumpsuit
player.addItem 0009B72F 1Miner orebreaker outfit
player.addItem 0001D1E7 1Miner utility outfit
player.addItem 00225FCA 1Naeva’s outfit
player.addItem 000C47A0 1NASA lab uniform
player.addItem 001F1DC9 1Navy tan dress
player.addItem 002266A2 1Neocity corpwear
player.addItem 002266A3 1Neon businesswear
player.addItem 001F1DD0 1Neon clublife skirt
player.addItem 000C900A 1Neon dancer headwear
player.addItem 00225FCC 1Neon dancer outfit
player.addItem 003556E7 1Neon nightlife jumpsuit
player.addItem 001F1DCF 1Neon nightlife skirt
player.addItem 00225D9E 1Neon security uniform
player.addItem 00165720 1Neon socialite skirt
player.addItem 001A2507 1Neuroboost mark I
player.addItem 00100517 1Neuroboost mark II
player.addItem 00100518 1Neuroboost mark III
player.addItem 00100519 1Neurocom mark I
player.addItem 0010051A 1Neurocom mark II
player.addItem 0010051B 1Neurocom mark III
player.addItem 0010051C 1Neurotac mark I
player.addItem 0010051D 1Neurotac mark II
player.addItem 0010051F 1Neurotac mark III
player.addItem 0021BBF2 1New atlantis sec uniform
player.addItem 00225DA0 1Nightwear
player.addItem 00036AFC 1Noel’s outfit
player.addItem 0018DE02 1NYX’s Outfit
player.addItem 0002FE70 1Paradiso staff uniform
player.addItem 002BC183 1Patient’s clothes
player.addItem 003E5D27 1Paxton’s officer hat
player.addItem 00226297 1Physician uniform
player.addItem 002491EA 1Prison scrubs
player.addItem 00208E8B 1Prisoner outfit
player.addItem 001BF2F8 1Pryce’s suit
player.addItem 0013730B 1Ranger deputy uniform
player.addItem 0022856C 1Ranger duelwear
player.addItem 002BA0E1 1Ranger hat
player.addItem 001CFA01 1Red mile service uniform
player.addItem 000028A6 1Reliant medical uniform
player.addItem 00003C4E 1Resort wear
player.addItem 00003BF6 1Resort wear 2
player.addItem 00003C4D 1Resort wear 3
player.addItem 003EB4B4 1Rokov’s officer hat
player.addItem 0037A34E 1Ryujin guard uniform
player.addItem 00034110 1Ryujin lab outfit
player.addItem 001823CC 1Ryujin lab worker
player.addItem 001823CB 1Ryujin lab worker hood
player.addItem 00034114 1Ryujin R&D outfit
player.addItem 0001D1DE 1Sam Coe’s outfit
player.addItem 0016571D 1Sanctum priest headwear
player.addItem 00225D9F 1Sanctum priest vestment
player.addItem 00055905 1Sarah Morgan’s outfit
player.addItem 000CC4D1 1Security flightsuit
player.addItem 0021C784 1Security guard uniform
player.addItem 0021C783 1Service industry uniform
player.addItem 000753F4 1Shielded lab outfit
player.addItem 0021C782 1Shinya voss outfit
player.addItem 0016E0B9 1Ship captian hat
player.addItem 0021C781 1Ship captian’s uniform
player.addItem 0029080F 1Space rogue muscle gear
player.addItem 0029080E 1Space rogue outfit
player.addItem 002456F2 1Space trucker bar duds
player.addItem 002456F3 1Space trucker cap
player.addItem 00246B31 1Space trucker cargowear
player.addItem 002456F4 1Space trucker casualwear
player.addItem 002470D2 1Space trucker flannel
player.addItem 002470D1 1Space trucker flannel 2
player.addItem 0029080D 1Space trucker hat
player.addItem 002470D0 1Space trucker haul wrap
player.addItem 00165722 1Space undersuit
player.addItem 002E18F6 1Striker maskwear
player.addItem 00064A2E 1Striker streetwear
player.addItem 00027189 1Suit with lapel pin
player.addItem 00002FA4 1Swimsuit
player.addItem 0011F3AD 1Syndicate boss suit
player.addItem 0011F3A8 1Syndicate capo suit
player.addItem 0011F3AC 1Syndicate club suit
player.addItem 0011F3B0 1Syndicate pinstripes
player.addItem 0011F3A7 1Syndicate thug suit
player.addItem 003329BB 1Sysdef crew uniform
player.addItem 003329B4 1Sysdef formal uniform
player.addItem 0021C1FB 1Sysdef officer uniform
player.addItem 000D981C 1Sysoef prision scrubs
player.addItem 001466F1 1Teal elbow grease gear
player.addItem 001466ED 1Teal leather jumpsuit
player.addItem 003CF431 1Terrabrew barista uniform
player.addItem 0007F88D 1Terrabrew uniform
player.addItem 001CB7E7 1Trade authority uniform
player.addItem 00164BDD 1Trident crew uniform
player.addItem 000DBFDA 1Trident guard uniform
player.addItem 00034111 1Tritek lab outfit
player.addItem 002C6E7D 1UC Navy armored fatigues
player.addItem 0018E260 1UC Navy crew hat
player.addItem 0021A86E 1UC Navy crew uniform
player.addItem 003E3ACF 1UC Navy duty fatigues
player.addItem 002C6E7F 1UC Navy fatigues
player.addItem 002C6E7E 1UC Navy hat
player.addItem 0021A86D 1UC Navy officer uniform
player.addItem 003E3AD1 1UC Navy recon fatigues
player.addItem 0025E8D4 1UC Security uniform
player.addItem 003329BC 1UC Sysdef crew hat
player.addItem 003B2A81 1Ularu’s suit
player.addItem 00251F56 1Utility flightsuit
player.addItem 003CAF7E 1Vangurad officer uniform
player.addItem 0004008C 1Xenofresh clean suit
player.addItem 001466FF 1Xenofresh tech outfit
player.addItem 0029E173 1Yellow labor jumpsuit
Starfield Screen
Starfield – In-game Screenshot


player.additem 0000000F 100Credits
player.additem 0000000A 100Digipicks
player.additem 00246b6a 100Adaptive Frame
player.additem 000055b1 100Adhesive
player.additem 00202f5a 100Aldumite Drilling Rig
player.additem 000C1F57 100Alien Genetic Material
player.additem 00005570 100Alkanes
player.additem 0000557d 100Aluminum
player.additem 000055cd 100Amino Acids
player.additem 000055b1 100Analgesic
player.additem 002f4436 100Antibiotics
player.additem 000055ab 100Antimicrobial
player.additem 0000557b 100Antimony
player.additem 00005588 100Argon
player.additem 000055b8 100Aromatic
player.additem 002c5884 100Aurora
player.additem 00246b7c 100Austinitic Manifold
player.additem 002a5024 100Battlestim
player.additem 00005585 100Benzene
player.additem 000057d9 100Beryllium
player.additem 000055b2 100Biosuppressant
player.additem 00122ea8 100Black Hole Heart
player.additem 000788d6 100Caelumite
player.additem 000057df 100Caesium
player.additem 00005586 100Carboxylic Acids
player.additem 0000557e 100Chlorosilanes
player.additem 0000557c 100Clorine
player.additem 00005575 100Cobalt
player.additem 00246b64 100Comm Relay
player.additem 00246b7b 100Control Rod
player.additem 00005576 100Copper
player.additem 000055a8 100Cosmetic
player.additem 0029a85e 100CQB-X
player.additem 0020a02f 100Drilling Rig
player.additem 00122eb6 100Dwarf Star Heart
player.additem 00005569 100Dysprosium
player.additem 002a9de8 100Emergency Kit
player.additem 000057e1 100Europium
player.additem 000055af 100Fiber
player.additem 00260df0 100Fiber Root
player.additem 0024f5c3 100Fiber Tissue
player.additem 00005577 100Flourine
player.additem 00005579 100Gold
player.additem 0029F405 100Hallucinogen
player.additem 0029cad9 100Heart+
player.additem 0000558e 100Helium-3
player.additem 000055aa 100High-Tensile Spidroin
player.additem 002c5883 100Hippolyta
player.additem 0029f40d 100Hypercatalyst
player.additem 000055b3 100Immunostimulant
player.additem 0004ba37 100Indicite
player.additem 00203eb4 100Indicite Wafer
player.additem 0029a85c 100Infantry Alpha
player.additem 0000557a 100Ionic Liquids
player.additem 0000558a 100Iridium
player.additem 0000556e 100Iron
player.additem 00246b77 100Isocentered Magnet
player.additem 00246b76 100Isotopic Coolant
player.additem 00005568 100Lead
player.additem 0000557f 100Lithium
player.additem 000055ba 100Lubricant
player.additem 0000559e 100Luxury Textile
player.additem 00246b70 100Mag Pressure Tank
player.additem 000055b0 100Membrane
player.additem 0027c4a1 100Mercury
player.additem 0029f3fc 100Metabolic Agent
player.additem 00246b5f 100Microsecond Regulator
player.additem 00246b75 100Molecular Sieve
player.additem 00246b74 100Monopropellant
player.additem 00005580 100Neodymium
player.additem 00005587 100Neon
player.additem 00005572 100Nickel
player.additem 00246b79 100Nuclear Fuel Rod
player.additem 000777fd 100Nutrient
player.additem 0000557a 100Ornamental Material
player.additem 00005574 100Palladium
player.additem 00246B73 100Paramagnon Conductor
player.additem 0029f400 100Pigment
player.additem 00005573 100Platinum
player.additem 0000558c 100Plutonium
player.additem 000055a6 100Polymer
player.additem 00246b72 100Polytextile
player.additem 00246b71 100Positron Battery
player.additem 00246b5c 100Power Circuit
player.additem 00246b6f 100Reactive Gauge
player.additem 000028df 100Rothicite
player.additem 00203EB2 100Rothicite Magnet
player.additem 000055cc 100Sealant
player.additem 000055ad 100Sedative
player.additem 00246B6D 100Semimetal Wafer
player.additem 0000556a 100Silver
player.additem 000055ce 100Solvent
player.additem 000055ac 100Spice
player.additem 002A9DE7 100Squall
player.additem 00246B6C 100Sterile Nanotubes
player.additem 000055ae 100Stimulant
player.additem 00261275 100Structual Hide
player.additem 000055b9 100Structual Material
player.additem 00122eb1 100Subgiant Heart
player.additem 00202782 100Substrate Molecule Sieve
player.additem 00246B69 100Supercooled Magnet
player.additem 002C5880 100Synapse Alpha
player.additem 0000556f 100Tantalum
player.additem 00203EAF 100Tasine Superconductor
player.additem 00246b68 100Tau Grade Rheostat
player.additem 00246b76 100Tetrafluorides
player.additem 0000556d 100Titanium
player.additem 000055cb 100Toxin
player.additem 0029A847 100Trauma Pack
player.additem 0000556b 100Tungsten
player.additem 00005589 100Uranium
player.additem 0000558b 100Vanadium
player.additem 00005DEE 100Veryl
player.additem 00203EB0 100Veryl-Treated Manifold
player.additem 00203EB3 100Vytinium Fuel Rod
player.additem 00005591 100Water
player.additem 00143CB2 100Whiteout
player.additem 000057dd 100Xenon
player.additem 00005571 100Ytterbium
player.additem 00246b65 100Zero Wire
player.additem 00246B66 100Zero-G Gimbal

That’s all the cheats available in Starfield. Let us know if we missed one, and we’ll make sure it’s added to the list for other players. Curious to know more about Starfield and what it has to offer? Check out the Game Guide Hub here.


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