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Starfield: The Best Ships To Pilot

Starfield is an absolutely enormous game with many star systems to explore throughout the arduous journey of collecting Artefacts.

As space travel is a massive part of the game, figuring out which ship to pilot is an important decision, especially when it comes to Cargo Capacity. Below are some of the best choices you can pick:


The Razorleaf is easily a great ship choice in Starfield for a few reasons, one of which, is you can get the ship for free. Spec-wise, the Razorleaf is a good all-rounder, providing great weapons to defend yourself, and a cargo capacity of 420. The only caveats are that it has a relatively small crew size of two and a fuel tank capacity of 140.

Obtainable by: Complete the Mantis Outpost mission. The quest will start once a “secret outpost” note is obtained from a Spacer. You can check out our Mantis Puzzle guide here.

Image Credit – Charli Intel

Star Eagle

The Star Eagle is a massive ship and another top choice, providing a whopping 2500 Cargo Capacity. Along with housing a crew of five, the ship is a great option for those wanting to move inventory around, especially with companions by your side.

Obtainable by: Players must complete the Freestar Ranger questline in Starfield. Afterwards, the Star Eagle will be awarded to the player in Akila City.

Image Credit – GameSkinny


The Stronghold is a top choice for those wanting a bulky ship that can hold its own. Along with a massive fuel capacity of over 2200 and cargo capacity of 2360, the ship holds six crew members and a jump of 30 lightyears. The freighter-sized spacecraft works well for transporting goods and defending itself from piracy threats, with over 1600 shield capacity and moderate weapon stats. The Stronghold is a favorable choice for those wanting a good freighter-style ship in Starfield.

Obtainable by: Available to purchase for 400,000 credits in Akila City.

Image Credit – GamerTweak


The Wanderwell comes with some moderate options including 800 cargo and 200 fuel capacities, along with a jump of 27 lightyears. However, considering the ship is given as a gift, it’s a great option, especially for those still in the earlier stages of the game. The class A ship works well for players, with the downside being it only allows for a crew of two.

Obtainable by: Choosing the Kid Stuff trait. Players give 2% of their credits weekly to their parents and after some time, the Wanderwell is rewarded to the player.

Wanderwell Ship Stats in Starfield
Wanderwell Ship (Image Credit – Hold to Reset)

Starborn Guardian *Spoilers*

Another freebie ship that many players can look forward towards is the mysterious Starborn Guardian. The ship’s specs are all top-of-the-line and its weapons ensure that players will definitely be coming out on top in any combat encounter. It’s also incredibly convenient when it comes to traversal as it has a jump distance of 30 light years, ensuring you get from point A to point B as fast as possible in the world of Starfield. However, players should note that it cannot be used to smuggle and is not customizable.

Obtainable by: Players must first complete the story of Starfield and then begin New Game Plus. Once the story begins (for the second time), the ship will be rewarded to the player’s fleet.

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