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Star Wars Outlaws: Is it Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Star Wars Outlaws is releasing on most platforms, including Xbox, but can fans expect to see it on Game Pass? Here’s what you need to know.

It’s pretty common practice these days to see a big ticket release and wonder whether it’ll drop on Xbox Game Pass. After all, the relatively cheap subscription service is probably now a lot of players’ main game library. However, not every game is dumped on the service on day one, especially triple-A, or apparently in Ubisoft’s eyes AAAA, games. If you were hoping to play Star Wars Outlaws on Game Pass, you’re likely to be disappointed. However, there is a silver lining.

Is Star Wars Outlaws Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

No, Star Wars Outlaws is not coming to Xbox Game Pass. While you will be able to purchase it on Xbox, including all editions, there is no way to access it via the subscription service at launch. Ubisoft games have been put on the platform and continue to be quite regularly. However, a Ubisoft game has never been put on Xbox Game Pass on day one. So, fans shouldn’t expect Star Wars Outlaws on there.

Of course, you can get Star Wars Outlaws on a subscription service. It will be available on Ubisoft Plus Premium on day one. This service features exclusively Ubisoft games, including their most recent titles like Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, and more. If you subscribe to Ubisoft Plus Premium, you’ll also get 3 days early access to Star Wars Outlaws. It costs US$17.99/¬£14.99/AU$23.95, which is slightly more expensive than Game Pass. It may not be worthwhile staying subscribed beyond completing Star Wars Outlaws, but it is certainly the cheapest method at the moment. It’s worth noting that the Ubisoft Plus Classic tier does not include Star Wars Outlaws.

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It’s also more than likely that Star Wars Outlaws will eventually make its way to Xbox Game Pass. As mentioned, Ubisoft games tend to be placed onto the platform, especially well into their lifespans. So, while it won’t be there at launch, players may eventually get to play it on Xbox Game Pass. However, it’s impossible to say when, and if you were planning on using it as your main way of experiencing Star Wars Outlaws, we’d recommend considering purchasing it or getting Ubisoft Plus Premium.

That’s everything you need to know about Star Wars Outlaws on Xbox Game Pass. For more articles just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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