Fans Outraged Over $130 Ultimate Edition for Star Wars Outlaws

Fans Outraged Over $130 Ultimate Edition for Star Wars Outlaws

Star Wars Outlaws is receiving fierce backlash online after Ubisoft revealed the prices of various pre-order editions, the most expensive of which costs $130.

After Ubisoft dropped the much-anticipated story trailer for Star Wars Outlaws, they revealed how much they intend to charge for each pre-order edition. Players who pre-order can access and play it three days before its release. They’ll also receive a bunch of bonus items in-game. However, it comes with a hefty price tag, leaving many to feel angry and cheated by Ubisoft.

Star Wars Outlaws: Players Say Gold & Ultimate Editions Are Too Expensive

Shortly after Ubisoft unveiled the various pre-order editions (and their gargantuan price tags), players quickly voiced their concerns and criticisms online. As things stand, there are three editions of Star Wars Outlaws. You can pre-order them for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Here’s what they each contain and their corresponding prices:

Standard EditionGold EditionUltimate Edition
Base GameBase GameBase Game
Kessel Raid Bonus PackKessel Raid Bonus PackKessel Raid Bonus Pack
3 Days Early Access3 Days Early Access
Seasonal PassSeasonal Pass
Elusive Infiltrator Pack
Sabacc Ace Pack
Digital Illustration Book

All pre-order editions include the base game and Kessel Raid Bonus Pack. The Gold and Ultimate additions also give access to a Season Pass. Season Passes often encourage players to spend as much money as possible on a game early in its lifecycle. However, not much is known about how much and what type of content will be coming to Outlaws post-launch.

The more expensive editions will also grant players early access to the game, just a mere three days before launch. This is another tactic publishers use to instill a healthy dose of FOMO in the player base. The most expensive edition also comes with a few more packs that presumably contain gear, a series of cosmetic items, and a Digital Illustration Book.

Kay Vess and robot in Star Wars Outlaws

Are all of these extras worth the massive price tag? Many players don’t seem to think so. Over on Reddit, user -TeamCaffeine- expresses their stark distaste towards such practices, labeling it as “predatory b*llsh*t.” They say this type of behavior has reaffirmed their “long-time decision to stop buying games at launch, let alone pre-order.” They ultimately “refuse to reward greed.”

Elsewhere, others intend to wait it out until the base game and bonus content receive significant price cuts in inevitable sales. Reddit user MIAXPaperPlanes usually holds out before purchasing Ubisoft games: “It’s Ubisoft, if you’re not waiting for the special editions to go on sale, you’re doing it wrong.” Others, like onslaught1584, are urging people not to pre-order: “Just please, for the love of gaming, stop pre-ordering games.” They especially don’t want players incentivizing big publishers to continue their greedy practices.

What do you think about the Gold and Ultimate Edition prices for Star Wars Outlaws? Is it fair, or is it an example of corporate greed? Sound off in the comments below! For everything else on Star Wars Outlaws, head to our Guide Hub.