Star Wars Outlaws Requires Internet Connection to Install Disc

Those purchasing the physical edition of Star Wars Outlaws with a disc must ensure they have a stable internet connection to download it.

Each day, Star Wars fans get closer to getting their hands on the much anticipated Star Wars Outlaws. Now, those interested in the physical edition can finally begin pre-ordering the game in preparation. However, for those with sketchy internet connections, you may want to wait before clicking pre-order. The physical edition will still need internet access to be installed despite it being on a disc.

Why Do You Need Internet Access to Download Star Wars Outlaws?

There is currently no confirmed reason why the physical edition of Star Wars Outlaws needs the internet to download. It is possible that the game does not have all the installation data on the physical disc. Alternatively, it could be getting a day-one patch, similar to Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. This information comes from the physical edition’s box cover, which states the need for the internet to download. Multiple retailers from across the world display the official box art featuring the disclaimer for Star Wars Outlaws pre-orders; hence, it is not a mistake.

Although this won’t be an issue for many players, those grabbing a physical edition of Star Wars Outlaws would benefit from ensuring their connection is stable prior to downloading the game. Due to Star Wars Outlaws having its release date revealed, after many delays, eager players will have a chunk of time to ensure they have a good internet connection before they obtain the physical edition.

Image Credit – PlayStation

Those acquiring the physical edition of Star Wars Outlaws will be happy to know that there is a Gold and Ultimate edition. Both editions feature bonus content for players to enjoy. However, if you were hoping one of these editions did not require internet access, you’re out of luck. Unfortunately, regardless of which version of the physical edition of Star Wars Outlaws you purchase, players still need an internet connection to download it.

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