Collage of Legsy and Holey Mutants in Sons of the Forest 1.0

Sons of the Forest New Mutants: Legsy & Holey Explained

Sons of the Forest just added two mutant enemies, Legsy and Holey, into the mix. Find out more about these frightening creatures below.

Sons of the Forest 1.0 is finally here after being in Early Access for roughly one year. The wait was worth it, as it brings a variety of new additions and changes to the game. One of those new additions is the introduction of two brand-new mutants, Legsy and Holey. They are as threatening as they are gross to look at! Read on to get the low down on these two vile creatures.

What Are Legsy and Holey in Sons of the Forest?

Legsy and Holey are two brand-new mutants that were added in the February 22 update for the 1.0 release of Sons in the Forest. Legsy is a quick “upside down” mutant that walks on its hands with its legs in the air. Holey is a large and slow monster that will launch itself at you with a devastating thud.

As with all mutants, you can find Legsy and Holey inside and around caves and bunkers. As the days go on, there’s a higher chance you’ll see these nasty mutants pop up on the surface. Below, we go into more detail about each of the mutants, what they look like, and how they can pose a threat as you traverse the lush locales of Sons of the Forest.


Legsy is a fast-moving mutant creature that walks on a series of disfigured limbs with a pair of humanoid legs flapping in the air. You’ll likely see those gangly legs pop up above the brush before it launches itself at you at just a moment’s notice. It’s a speedy creature that can quickly jump through the air and close the distance between you. That’s not all, as Legsy will also imitate stalagmites and stalactites within caves, making it even harder to spot before it pounces. You can find Legsy within caves and bunkers and hanging about near cave entrances in Sons of the Forest.

Legsy imitating Stalagmite in a cave in Sons of the Forest
Image Credit – IGN


Holey is a large and powerful mutant, and a spiritual successor of sorts to the much-beloved Cowman mutant from The Forest due to its similar movements and attacks. It has a grotesque design with plenty of growths and holes (hence the name) on its body. Though slow-moving, Holey can deal devastating amounts of damage to you if you get too close to its charge attack. It can also launch itself at you with its frightening belly flop move that will most likely one-shot you. You’ll want to steer clear of this one. Just as with Legsy, you can find Holey in caves and bunkers, as well as on the surface as the days go by in-game.

Holey on the ground in Sons of the Forest
Image Credit – IGN

That’s all there is to know about the new mutants, Legsy and Holey. For more guides on how to survive the mutant-riddled lands in Sons of the Forest, be sure to check out our guide hub.