Cannibal trying to break down door in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest Door Lock: How to Lock Doors

Players looking to secure their bases in Sons of the Forest will want to know how to build a door lock. Fortunately, the process is really simple.

There are plenty of hostile animals, ravenous cannibals, and an assortment of terrifying mutant enemies that are looking to violently burst into your newly built home uninvited. You’ll need to add a lock to your door to prevent these unfriendly and unwanted guests from spoiling your decor. It’s one of the simplest ways to prevent them from waltzing right in and ruining your day.

How to Build a Door Lock in Sons of the Forest

To build a door lock in Sons of the Forest, you must first make sure you have built a door, then equip a stick in your inventory and place it on the closed door from inside the building. After this, you’ll need to interact with the stick to lock and unlock the door. It’s as simple as that! Follow the steps below for a complete breakdown of the steps:

  1. Open your inventory and equip a single stick by holding the “E” key.
  2. With the stick in hand, head toward the door until you see a white outline arrow pointing to the right
    • This indicates where the lock will be placed.
  3. Place the stick onto the door by pressing left-click
  4. Hold the “E” key to lock and unlock the door.
Placing a door lock onto a door in Sons of the Forest

It’s important to note that you’ll need to build a door before placing a lock on it. Thankfully, it’s super easy to do just that. Just place six logs horizontally on top of each other and remove a section in the middle (highlighted in red) with your axe. Then, place three more logs vertically in the space you just created. Now you have a working door to add your lock to!

Be warned, though – even with a lock on it, enemies can still get through if they do enough damage to the door. However, the door lock will significantly slow them down, giving you enough time to prepare for their entry! That’s all there is to know about how to lock doors in Sons of the Forest. For more guides on how to survive in the game’s harsh and lush locales, be sure to check out our guide hub.