Player aiming bow and arrow at cannibals in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest: What Is Creative Mode & How to Unlock it

Creative Mode finally makes its way to Sons of the Forest in its full 1.0 release. Find out what it entails below.

The freedom to build bases and structures to your heart’s content is one of the most appealing aspects of most survival games out there. Previously, you were restricted to building with materials you gathered and scavenged while exploring the world. However, with the release of 1.0, you can now build bases with no restrictions in an official Creative Mode. You are only limited by your imagination!

What Is Creative Mode in Sons of the Forest?

Creative Mode is a brand-new mode in Sons of the Forest that significantly streamlines the building process by allowing you to build without any restrictions. Essentially, the mode will fill your inventory with an excess of items that you need to build. It will also remove all build animations to smooth out the process of laying down structures.

Previously, limitless building was only available in Sons of the Forest through community mods. However, with the game’s full release, Creative Mode is now available to all. Having all building resources available at your fingertips is a fantastic way to cultivate creativity. There is huge potential for the community to showcase some really cool builds. Similarly, removing build animations ensures that players can get straight to building and focus on making their architectural designs a reality.

Cannibal attacking player in Sons of the Forest

How to Unlock Creative Mode in Sons of the Forest

To unlock Creative Mode in Sons of the Forest, you must first completely finish the game. This means that you need to explore and unlock as much as you can, as well as survive long enough to see the end of the game play out.

To make this process easier, you can switch over to peaceful mode if the island’s cannibals are causing you too much grief. After completing the game, Creative Mode will become immediately available. That’s everything you need to know about Creative Mode. For more guides just like this one, head over to our Guide Hub.