Shadow of the Depth Key Art
Shadow of the Depth Key Art

Shadow of the Depth Gameplay & Release Date Details

After a successful demo during Steam Next Fest, Shadow of the Depth has a release date and exciting character details.

Shadow of the Depth promises players a top-down, roguelike adventure with hand-painted art. Many players got to experience the demo for the game during the Steam Next Fest and are anxious to jump into the whole game, which will be released sooner than expected.

When is the Shadow of the Depth Release Date?

Shadow of the Depth is releasing on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, in Steam Early Access. The release date comes shortly after the demo’s unveiling during the February 2024 Steam Next Fest.

Although the game is launching in Early Access, plenty of content and characters will be available for players to explore. Additionally, as the game is a roguelike, every run will feel like something new to the player.

Shadow of the Depth slashing attack
In-game Screenshot

Shadow of the Depth Gameplay Details

Shadow of the Depth is a roguelike, meaning randomly generated levels and runs as well as five unique characters to learn and conquer the game with. While little is known about the game’s environments, players will learn different combos and utilize over 140 passive abilities to complete their playthroughs.

At the launch of the Shadow of the Depth, there will be five characters to choose from. Details on them can be found below:

  • Arthur: A knight specializing in combat using a sword and shield. Arthur is on a path of vengeance to take down those who killed his father.
  • Phyllis: A magical archer. Phyllis helps take down enemies from afar and summon animals like wolves, bears, and eagles to her aid.
  • Stephanie: An elemental sorcerer. Stephanie uses the forces of magic with fire, frost, and lightning attacks to defeat enemies.
  • Ginzo: The katana-wielding swordsman of Shadow of the Depth. Ginzo uses quick attacks and the honor of a Samurai to strike down those in the way.
  • Arya: A deadly and stealthy assassin. Arya brandishes two daggers and the ability of quick mobility to move out of danger.

As with other roguelike titles, each level in Shadow of the Depth is randomly generated, and therefore, each run will feel different to keep players on their toes. Are you excited about Shadow of the Depth launching on Tuesday, April 24, 2024?


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