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Turn-Based Superhero Game, Capes, Launching On All Platforms This May

Capes, the upcoming superhero turn-based tactics game developed by Spitfire Interactive, finally has a release date, and it’s this May.

Capes was announced all the way back in February 2023, and since then has been teasing fans with its intriguing mix of superheroes and XCOM-style turn-based combat. Fortunately, after a long wait, players can rest easy as Capes is heading to PC and consoles this May.

Capes Launching On All Platforms This May

Capes is an upcoming turn-based strategy game that reminds us a lot of Midnight Suns. Developed by Australian-based Spitfire Interactive and published by Daedalic Entertainment, Capes promises an action-packed superhero adventure with a cast of completely original characters. Sure, there’s no Dr Strange or Captain Marvel, but who needs them when you’ve got Rebound? Who’s Rebound, you ask? Well, watch the character introduction trailer below.

In Capes, the villains have won, and it’s your job to assemble a team of heroes to defeat them and kick them out of King City. You’ll experience this story, co-created by Morgan Jaffit, who was a writer on the incredible Freedom Force, across a campaign filled with main missions and side quests that further flesh out your heroes. There’s a lot on offer here, including all of this:

  • Be Mighty: Play as a team of heroic protectors, each with unique skills and powers. Master each hero and unleash their devastating ultimate abilities!
  • Assemble Your Team: Combat isn’t based on random numbers; knowing which hero Team Up abilities are best for the job will be key to your success!
  • Level Up: Complete challenging missions and side-quests to improve your heroes with new abilities and powerful upgrades!
  • Defeat Evil: Face down vile villains and criminal corporate henchmen. Do you have what it takes to free your city from the clutches of villainy!?

Spitfire Interactive is made up of several key creatives behind the Hand of Fate franchise, a pretty incredible indie game. That gives us hope that this could be something special. Frankly, everyone has been craving non-Marvel or DC superhero content, and while the likes of Invincible and Radiant Black are doing an admirable job in comics and on the small screen, it’s up to Capes to offer up a video game alternative.

Capes Release Date & Platforms

Capes is heading to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC, this May. While a specific release date hasn’t been set in stone, it will apparently be announced very soon. Additionally, more character introduction videos will be posted to the Daedalic Entertainment YouTube channel. So, keep an eye on that if you want to learn more about its cast.

We’re definitely keen for some superhero shenanigans, but what about you? Are you excited for Capes? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out our Guide Hub for more indie game content.

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