Moonstone Island: Alchemist Training Demo At Steam Next Fest

I’m giving a big personal thanks to Studio Supersoft for the hours of lost sleep I’ll be getting later this year, thanks to their creature-collecting life-sim Moonstone Island.

Prepare to take part in a coming-of-age adventure and uncover dark secrets. I hope you are ready to get excited for yet another gem you can enjoy right now, thanks to Steam Next Fest.

In-game screenshot

What is Moonstone Island

As an alchemist in training, it’s finally time for you to leave home for a year of adventure. You will set out across the skies to explore over 100 floating islands to tame spirits, farm crops, and find your way. You will travel by broom and balloon, discovering new biomes to hunt and collect spirits. Once out and about, you will fight against unruly creatures using strategic card-based combat.

Try your hand at dungeon crawling to challenge your team and find see what you can find. Be sure to feed and care for your spirits to unlock their potential and develop each’s deck. Then, make use of elemental weaknesses in Moonstone Island to chip away at your enemy’s armor to deal double damage.

However, to survive, you will need to gather supplies, requiring vigilant acquisition of resources. Plant crops and harvest their produce to support your team, craft new items, and sell to earn precious gold. Then, turn what you gather into tools and potions to further aid you and the village. Don’t forget to take on quests and purchase from their shops, to build relationships and develop your skills.

What You Can Expect In Moonstone Island

  • A procedurally generated vibrant open world
  • Over 100 islands featuring different biomes and secrets
  • Battle with a team of three cute and cool spirits
  • No random encounters
  • Meet and possibly date a colorful cast of villagers
  • Craft, build, farm, and forage to become a skilled Alchemist
In-game screenshot

Release Date

Moonstone Island is currently planned for a third-quarter 2023 release, so we should expect to see the full game within the coming months. The game will be making its debut on PC as well as Nintendo Switch.

For now, feel free to head over to the game’s Steam store page to check out the demo. While the demo is limited to 14 in-game days, that’s more than enough time to explore a few islands and take on a handful of spirits.


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