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Persona 6 Is Coming to Multiple Platforms, According to Leaks

According to reliable leaks, Persona 6 will be coming to multiple platforms, including Xbox and even the Nintendo Switch 2.

News surrounding Persona 6 has been a little scarce. While there have been a handful of leaks here and there, for the most part, fans have been left in the dark. Fortunately, a brand-new leak from reliable leakers Midori and Nate the Hate claims that Persona 6 will be a multi-platform release.

Persona 6 Coming to “Multiple Platforms”

Persona 6 will be coming to “multiple platforms,” including Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and the Switch 2, according to leakers Nate the Hate and Midori. In an interview with Spawn Wave, Nate the Hate revealed that Persona 6 will be coming to Xbox alongside PlayStation. This was then confirmed by Midori.

In that interview, Nate the Hate said, “From information I have heard, it does seem as though Persona 6 will be coming to the Xbox. So Persona fans have something to look forward to.”

“I’m not 100% sure if it’s, like, day-and-date with the PlayStation version, but considering the way the Persona games have been day-and-date with the multiplatform releases at this point, I’d say it may be a safe assumption to make that Persona 6 will be day-and-date Xbox and PlayStation.”

Midori then confirmed this in a reply to Spawn Wave’s post, stating firmly that, “It is correct information. And multiple platforms, too.” Additionally, when replying to a question about whether Persona 6 would be coming to the Switch 2, Midori said, “Yes.” You can check it all out in the post below.

So, while all of this should absolutely be taken with a grain of salt, it’s very likely that Persona 6 will be a multiplatform release and coming to the Switch 2. Considering the track records of both leakers, especially Midori’s, it’s very likely that this information is completely accurate.

Is Persona 6 Coming to Game Pass?

Nate the Hate then went on to discuss Game Pass in a more speculatory way. He said, “It would be a really big deal if Microsoft was able to secure that on Game Pass. But I would imagine that would take a lot to do. Because this would be the next mainline entry. You’d have to imagine Sony would be in a bidding war for the marketing rights for the game.”

Of course, previous Persona games, including Persona 5 Royal did eventually end up on Game Pass. However, this was long after their initial release dates. So, yeah, it’s highly unlikely that Persona 6 would be coming to Game Pass on launch day unless Microsoft is able to pull a fast one on Sony and Atlus agrees to it all. Of course, it’s all well and good knowing what platforms it’s coming to, but it’s unclear when it’s coming.

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When Is Persona 6 Releasing?

Several leaks have revealed that Persona 6 will be coming in 2025. This information comes from Head on the Block, who has also stated that there will be two main characters, including a female main character, as well as customization DLC.

However, it is important to note that these are mostly unsubstantiated claims. Additionally, Head on the Block is not particularly well trusted in the community, as they previously incorrectly guessed the ending to Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and said that real leaked footage of Persona 3 Reload was faked.

Many members of the Persona 6 community are waiting for the far more credible Midori to confirm the 2025 release date. However, that is yet to happen. Until then, fans can only speculate about the game’s release date. If it is dropping in 2025, then it’s likely we’ll get an announcement trailer at this year’s Summer Game Fest.

Of course, before Persona 6 even releases, there is the upcoming Persona 3 Reload DLC to look forward to. Atlus is also releasing a brand-new IP, Metaphor: ReFantazio, which takes all the best bits of the Persona series and puts them in a surreal fantasy setting. Let’s just say it all looks very fitting for an Atlus game. While you wait for all of Atlus’ upcoming games, make sure to check out our Guide Hub for more Persona content.

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