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No Rest for the Wicked: Is It Coming to PlayStation & Xbox?

No Rest for the Wicked looks to bring a fresh experience to the ARPG genre, and many PlayStation and Xbox players want to experience it.

Players are always searching for something to play. One genre in which fresh blood is needed is ARPGs. Diablo 4 came out far too long ago now, and ARPG fans are undoubtedly looking for a new title to take its place. No Rest for the Wicked delivers in different ways, including unique bosses and fun Legendary Weapons to acquire. The game is currently in Steam Early Access, and many want to know if both PlayStation and Xbox will get to join in on the fun. Fortunately, we have details for players wishing to play No Rest for the Wicked.

Is No Rest for the Wicked Coming to PlayStation & Xbox?

Good news for players: No Rest for the Wicked will be coming to PlayStation & Xbox. The official confirmation comes from the game’s publisher, Private Division. In a blog post for the game’s Early Access release, Private Division details that a console release for the game will happen after Early Access is completed.

We currently do not know how long the Early Access period is. The process allows players to test out what the game offers and progress through it. Additionally, Early Access allows the developers to work in unison with players to see what bugs can be worked out. Furthermore, it grants the opportunity to see what needs to be changed in the game so that it is more polished at launch. For example, the game’s first update adds different features that were missing at launch, including multiplayer co-op, while the second big update will expand the game’s overworld. As Early Access for No Rest for the Wicked continues, the game will evolve in various ways.

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When No Rest for the Wicked launches, it will only be on current-generation consoles. This means that players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 cannot play the game. While it may be a shock, many developers are moving away from the last generation of consoles as time passes. Doing so allows them and their games to take full advantage of the current generation of console technology. Also, it helps the developer focus its resources on one set of consoles rather than split it between two. Nintendo Switch will, unfortunately, miss out on the game.

That is everything to know about No Rest for the Wicked coming to PlayStation and Xbox. Head over to our Guide Hub for more helpful information on the game.


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