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Another Crab’s Treasure: Best Stowaways

Another Crab’s Treasure may seem daunting, but Stowaways can give you that boost to help, and we have chosen the best ones to use.

Despite its cute visuals, Another Crab’s Treasure is a Soulslike game with very challenging combat. Players may want to use the game’s assist mode to help; however, before you do, there is another mechanic you should use. Stowaways are items that you can equip to get a specific bonus, such as increasing your Stats or how many Microplastics you get. Below, we have crafted a list of the best Stowaways players should use in Another Crab’s Treasure to give you the edge over your foes.

The Best Stowaways in Another Crab’s Treasure

Fruit Sticker

  • Effect: Increases Microplastic rewards.
  • Stat Requirement: No Stats required.

The Fruit Sticker Stowaway is a vital item to have. It allows you to earn extra Microplastic when equipped. The Fruit Sticker is critical as Microplastics are an essential currency for many things in the game, including leveling up your stats. Players should try to save up for the Fruit Sticker as a priority. Doing so will earn you more Microplastics than usual and allow you to start saving for stat upgrades, increasing your Fork’s damage, and more.

Fruit Sticker stowaway another crabs treasure
Image Credit – Game Rant

Sea Cucumber

  • Effect: Increases all of Kril’s stats by +3.
  • Stat Requirement: No Stats required.

The Sea Cucumber Stowaway is another great choice for players to have. While the overall stat increase may not seem very enticing, the Stowaway is optimal for players who may be unsure of which stats to boost. Therefore, equipping this gives all of them a boost and essentially gives you an all-arounder effect. You don’t specialize in any one stat off the bat, but you are covered on each one.

Sea Cucumber another crabs treasure
Image Credit – Spicy We1ner on Youtube

Turtle Shell Shard

  • Effect: Increases Kril’s Weight but boosts Resistance stat by 10.
  • Stat Requirement: No Stats required.

The Turtle Shell Shard is a great choice for players who are looking to take extra hits when in a fight. Whether you are fighting a standard enemy or a boss, having this Stowaway equipped helps your Resistance. However, the trade-off to some may be the fact that the Turtle Shell Shard increases your weight. Players looking to stay content with a light build may have to be cautious of this Stowaway.

Turtle Shell Shard Stowaway
Image Credit – Spicy We1ner on Youtube


  • Effect: 3% Health Drain.
  • Stat Requirement: 28 ATK

The Lamprey Stowaway is an optimal choice for players who fight aggressively. It drains 3% health from the enemy for every hit, essentially buffing you as you fight, and rewarding you for rushing in. So, if you have an aggressive playstyle, having this Stowaway will aid you in taking down your enemy’s health that much faster.

Lamprey stowaway another crabs treasure
Image Credit – Game Rant

Shark Tooth

  • Effect: Improves the damage of charged attacks by 30%.
  • Stat Requirement: 22 ATK

The Shark Tooth Stowaway is a great asset to have for players who want that extra damage done to enemies, especially bosses. It deals increased charged attack damage and using charged attacks is a great way to take down many of the bosses. Having this Stowaway active will give you that extra assurance that you can take down the boss with ease.

Shark Tooth stowaway another crabs
Image Credit – Spicy We1ner on Youtube

Used Bandage

  • Effect: 15% Healing Effectiveness.
  • Stat Requirement: 4 RES

The Used Bandage Stowaway is a great option to pick up, especially early on. It offers a 15% boost in healing, ensuring that even if you’ve only got a tiny bit of health remaining, you can still bounce back. Additionally, the Used Bandage scales with your VIT stat. So, the higher it is, the more you will get healed. Furthermore, needing only a 4 on your RES stat is a very low requirement for this Stowaway.

Used bandage stowaway another crabs treasure
Image Credit – Game Rant


  • Stowaway Ability: +30% Shell Spell Damage
  • Stat Requirement: 7 RES

The Whelk+ Stowaway is a top choice for players who play Another Crab’s Treasure predominantly using magic. The Stowaway focuses on buffing your Shell Spell damage, and therefore, players can fight their foes, including bosses with ranged magic, and deal some more significant damage while doing so.

Whelk stowaway
Image Credit – Game Rant

Those are the best Stowaways to use in Another Crab’s Treasure. If you enjoyed this guide and wish to see more articles like it, please head over to our Guide Hub for further details on the game.


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