No Rest for the Wicked: How to Get Plague Ichor

You’ll need Plague Ichor to upgrade and increase your various weapon and inventory slots in No Rest for the Wicked. However, the game doesn’t do a good job of telling you how to get it.

Even before you finish the Prologue and reach Sacrament, you’ll soon be itching for new weapon and inventory slots. There are plenty of resources, weapons, ingredients, and gear to collect as you fight and rummage your way through the perilous shores of Isola Sacra. Your inventory will be brimming with items before long, and you’ll want to increase its slots so that you can loot as many valuable items as possible. Similarly, you’ll also want to increase your weapons, armor, and tool slots to streamline traversal and combat. The only way to increase your weapons and inventory slots is by giving Plague Ichor to the Watcher in Sacrament. Read on to learn how to get this rare and valuable resource in No Rest for the Wicked.

How to Get Plague Ichor in No Rest for the Wicked

You must defeat main bosses and mini-bosses to get Plague Ichor in No Rest for the Wicked. These are the only enemies to drop Plague Ichor (one per defeated boss) as loot for defeating them. In Early Access, you will naturally come across and face three main bosses in the story: Warrick the Torn, Falstead Darak, and the Raven Twins. You can also get Plague Ichor by defeating mini-bosses that you can find randomly in the open world and after taking on specific weekly bounties. Here are all the ways you can get Plague Ichor in more detail:

  • Defeating main bosses:
    • Warrick the Torn – Located at the end of the Prologue just outside Sacrament’s main gate
    • Falstead Darak – You will encounter him during the Of Rats and Raiders quest and receive a Plague Ichor after defeating him in the sewers.
    • The Riven Twins – You will encounter them during the Servant of God quest.
  • Defeating mini-bosses from Weekly Bounties:
    • Speak to Captain Ralph near the primary Cerim Whisper in Sacrament to initiate and currently active Weekly Bounties.
    • There is a high chance that a Weekly Bounty will contain a mini-boss that will drop Plague Ichor when you defeat it.
  • Defeating mini-bosses in the open world:
    • You can stumble upon mini-bosses in the open world. This is a less reliable way to obtain Plague Ichor, but keep your eyes peeled.

How To Use Plague Ichor in No Rest for the Wicked

To use Plague Ichor in No Rest for the Wicked, head to the Watcher in the Rookery and hand one over to him so you can increase a weapon or inventory slot. You will need one Plague Ichor per upgrade, so it’s important to choose wisely. Here are all the slots you can upgrade per Plague Ichor in No Rest for the Wicked:

  • +5 Gear Inventory Slots
  • +5 Item Inventory Slots
  • +5 Resource Inventory Slots
  • +5 Misc Inventory Slots
  • +1 Mainhand Slots
  • +1 Offhand Slots
  • +1 Ring Slots
  • +1 Tool Slots
Spending Plague Ichor to unlock a Mainhand Slot in No Rest for the Wicked
Image Credit – Dot Esports

If you’re wondering which inventory slots to go for first, we recommend upgrading Resource, Ring, and Mainhand slots initially. Resources are really important for crafting recipes on the fly, making Resource inventory space a priority early on. Equipping more rings has increased the potential to add significant power to your build. Increasing your Mainhand slot will allow you to switch your weapons mid-combat. That’s it on how to get Plague Ichor in No Rest for the Wicked! For more guides just like this, check out our Guide Hub.