A Streamlined Xbox Rewards Hub is Replacing the Rewards App

The Xbox Rewards Hub is replacing the iconic Rewards App, and here is everything you need to know about the change and what you can expect.

The Microsoft Rewards App is a way for people who use Xbox to earn points for playing games, watching videos, and finishing quizzes or challenges. When you receive enough points, you can swap them for rewards like gift cards, Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, and more. However, the Rewards App will leave on April 15, and the Xbox Rewards Hub has replaced it. While most things will remain the same, there are some things you need to know.

Microsoft Rewards Hub - Image Credit Microsoft
Microsoft Rewards Hub – Image Credit Microsoft

What is the Microsoft Rewards Hub?

The Rewards Hub is a new feature for Xbox users that replaces the old Microsoft Rewards App. It’s designed to make it easier and more fun for gamers to earn rewards for playing their favorite games and being active within the Xbox community. The Rewards Hub also comes with most of the features seen in the previous Rewards App. You can access the Rewards Hub on your Xbox console and the Xbox app for mobile and Windows PCs. To start, you need to sign in with your Microsoft account.

Once in the Rewards Hub, you can earn points in several ways, such as buying games and eligible items in the Microsoft Store, playing games, completing quests, and more. You can then redeem these points for a variety of rewards. For example, you can receive Xbox Gift Cards to use on games and add-ons, enter sweepstakes, acquire a new controller or console, or even donate to a cause you care about.

The Microsoft Rewards Hub also introduces a new way to shop and earn. Depending on your level, you can earn up to 20 points for every dollar spent on qualifying digital purchases at the Microsoft Store. Additionally, completing quests earns you points and helps you progress through levels, starting from 1 point per dollar spent and potentially reaching up to 20 points per dollar as you level up.

Screenshot - Microsoft Rewards App Notification
Screenshot – Microsoft Rewards App Notification

What happens to Rewards App Weekly Streaks?

With the Rewards App disappearing from Xbox on April 15, this change unfortunately also means the end of weekly streaks and various tasks players used to engage with on Xbox to earn points on the App. These adjustments are part of Microsoft’s move to a new Rewards Hub, which will have its version of game streaks starting on March 25.

This shift has downsides for existing players already using the game streaks through the rewards app. While this might disappoint many players used to these regular challenges and rewards, the new Xbox Rewards Hub promises to focus on earning points through the game pass and enjoyable gaming activities, suggesting a streamlined and possibly more rewarding system in the long run. You can check out the Xbox Rewards Hub via the official website here.