Leaked Images of New Xbox Series X Model Surface Online

Images of an unannounced white Xbox Series X model that features a disc-less design have leaked online by multiple users.

As PlayStation has been working to release its mid-generation console, the PlayStation Pro, players have been curious about when Xbox will do the same. Now that the all-white disc-less Xbox Series X model has leaked online, it is speculated to be the mid-generation console refresh everyone was curious about.

When Is the All-White Xbox Series X Model Releasing?

There are currently no confirmed dates for when the new Xbox Series X console will be released. However, speculation is that it could be released during June or July of 2024. Due to the leaked console being a digital version, we could see a reduced price as production costs would be lower due to the removal of the disc reader. The new Xbox Series X will also feature the same all-white design as the current Xbox Series S.

The new Xbox Series X will feature a disc-less design, 1 TB storage, and component improvements to the current heatsink and Nexus card. Microsoft insider Brad Sams also suggests that the chassis featured in the original Xbox Series X and the white variation had no changes. Hence, the new console will not have any bump to the current specifications it has on the original. Due to PlayStation upgrading their mid-generation console, we could see the new Xbox Series X have more features included than what has been leaked. However, we will not know this information until Xbox officially announces the white console.

It should be noted that Xbox has not confirmed this information. Although there have been rumors of a mid-generation console, this could possibly be another color addition to the current line-up of consoles already available to players before they officially announce their mid-generation console. Either way, players will still need to be patient and wait for confirmed information from Xbox.