Hollow Knight: Silksong Listing Unexpectedly Goes Live on Xbox

Hollow Knight: Silksong finally has a minor update and has been listed on the Xbox Microsoft Store with an ESRB rating.

It has been a long wait for the sequel to Hollow Knight, and updates for Hollow Knight: Silksong, have been scarce. However, the upcoming game has finally been added to the Xbox Microsoft Store.

What Does This Mean for Hollow Knight: Silksong?

Although this listing does not reveal what is up next for the anticipated game, it does reignite the hype factor, preparing fans for when the sequel will finally be released. There is speculation that there is more to Hollow Knight: Silksong’s listing as Matthew Griffin, the marketing and publisher for the upcoming game, also acknowledged the Xbox listing on X (formally Twitter). This also includes many associated staff members who have mentioned the listing.

Hollow Knight: Silksong In-game Screenshot

Previously, fans of the Metroidvania game received the last update on Hollow Knight: Silksong from Matthew Griffin, where he mentioned on X in May 2023 that Hollow Knight: Silksong had plans to release in the first half of 2023, but due to continued development, the project needed more time. This did not mean that something had gone wrong with development; rather, they liked how the game was coming together and wanted to make it as best they could. Matthew Griffin also said, “Expect more details from us once we get closer to release.” This could be the Xbox listing, as many people are discussing it. However, the listing could be purely for fans to be prepared for a more significant announcement soon.

Although this isn’t much of an update for Hollow Knight: Silksong, it is progress for when the anticipated game will finally be released. Fans of Hollow Knight: Silksong will need to continue to be patient for more updates on the game. However, now that it is listed on Xbox, fans can wishlist it ahead of time.