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Manor Lords: Everything Available in Early Access

Manor Lords has a lot of content available during its Early Access launch, so fans won’t be bored any time soon.

A lot of games are released into Early Access with very little content. It’s a shame, as while it can give players a good taste of what’s to come, often fans want a more content-rich experience right out of the gate. Fortunately, Manor Lords looks set to deliver on that promise, as its Early Access launch will be brimming with features.

What Can You Do in Manor Lords Early Access?

You won’t have access to everything in Manor Lords’ Early Access phase. However, what is available is a very robust offering. City building is completely accessible, with a huge amount of building types already available. This will allow you to take your small starting settlement to a bustling city. You can also construct various industries, and there are development branches that allow you to unlock more buildings.

Combat is also available in Manor Lords Early Access. You’ll be able to draft your villagers, hire mercenaries, and upgrade your retinues. You’ll be able to fight bandits and other AI-controlled lords whose territory you want to conquer. To that, you’ll be able to press claims against AI-controlled Lords and invade their territory. You’ll fight across a large map, although only one is available at launch. Fortunately, your starting position is randomized. So, the resources initially available to you will differ with each playthrough.

Soldiers fighting in Manor Lords

Finally, there are multiple scenarios to choose from, including a standard scenario, which sees you build your city and fight against the AI. There is also an ultra-hard variant, which involves the AI being more aggressive. Finally, there is a peaceful mode, which removes combat altogether and focuses entirely on building.

This has all been confirmed by the developer in a Steam FAQ. Additionally, the game’s upcoming roadmap will also detail further features that will expand on the available content. Nevertheless, as stated on the game’s Steam store page, “The Early Access version is fully playable and has all the content and features described on the store page.” You can expect the full experience minus additional maps and other minor features. That’s everything you need to know about Manor Lords’ Early Access content. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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