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Manor Lords: Is There a Roadmap?

With Manor Lords heading into Early Access very soon, fans are wondering where the roadmap is. Here’s what you need to know.

Roadmaps are an excellent way to engage your community. They reveal upcoming features and show that developers are being as transparent as possible. They’re also just a great way to build hype. Most Early Access games release a roadmap at one stage or another, and Manor Lords is no different. However, fans may have to wait a little while before they can get their hands on it.

Manor Lords Roadmap Details

Unfortunately, there is no roadmap for Manor Lords at this time. Solo developer Slavic Magic has confirmed that there will not be a roadmap for quite some time. Instead, they intend to adopt a “listen, verify, implement” approach to avoid promising features the community doesn’t want. This was confirmed in a Steam post that discussed what fans should expect from the game.

The section about the game’s roadmap read, “I do not plan on releasing a roadmap yet. I’ve made a mistake once or twice before of promising and working on a feature only to find out that the testers didn’t care as much as I did and that they actually wanted something else.” They then go on to explain that the first month post-release will likely be focused on patching the game before new features are implemented at a later date. When that happens, the developer explained that “together with Hooded Horse, we’ll be collecting your feedback and then prioritizing work based on what we hear.”

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So, it sounds like if you want changes to happen, you’ll need to be vocal about it. Slavic Magic isn’t going to predict what you want. Their focus is absolutely on adding what the community wants, not just what they think will be good.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there won’t be a roadmap eventually. In an earlier FAQ post, Slavic Magic explained that “Detailed plans for early access content and updates will be shared post-launch.” Later on in the FAQ, they follow this up by saying, “There will be more to share on a roadmap after launch.” Of course, it’s possible that this information is outdated now, but it does seem like once the community’s most requested features are added, a roadmap may be released.

When Is a Manor Lord Roadmap Releasing?

While there is little information on a roadmap at this point in time, fans can likely expect one post-launch. Unfortunately, there is not a confirmed date for when this will transpire. However, we do have some idea of what content we won’t be seeing on that roadmap. In that same FAQ, the developer states that the following fan-requested features won’t appear in the game:

  • No dynasty mechanics
  • No heroes or leader units
  • No single-person units in general, for now
  • No town guard
  • Multiplayer, for now.

It also states that this isn’t an “exhaustive list.” So, there are likely more features fans are clamoring for that won’t make the cut. Fortunately, we do know that mods support is in the works, although this could appear after the 1.0 release. That’s everything you need to know about Manor Lord’s roadmap. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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