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The Upcoming PS5 Pro Will Reportedly Have Enhanced Hardware

The PS5 Pro will reportedly feature a selection of upgrades on its mid-generation console, including an ultra boost mode and more.

Players worldwide have been on the edge of their seats waiting for more information on the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro as they debate whether to purchase the mid-generation console. Now, the anticipated PS5 Pro has had more leaked information regarding its hardware, which includes an abundance of quality-of-life upgrades.

New PlayStation 5 Pro Features

A recent report by The Verge highlights that the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro will include an ultra-boost mode, ray-tracing effects, and an enhanced label. According to The Verges’ report, Sony is already asking developers to create a brand-new PlayStation 5 Pro exclusive graphics mode in their games that will incorporate the PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR).

Due to the new PS5 Pro hardware, developers will have the option to include an enhancement in their PlayStation games currently in development and existing titles. This will allow their selected games to take advantage of the PlayStation 5 Pro’s hardware. However, they will need to upgrade to Sony’s latest SDK to do so. Developers can use PSSR and ray-tracing effects, which could potentially be used to grab the enhanced label without changing the resolution or frame rate. Although PSSR upscales resolution and frame rate, the enhanced versions will still be available on games that are 30FPS.

Sony is also currently developing the ultra-boost mode for the PlayStation 5 Pro, which will make older games run more smoothly on the console.

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When Is The PlayStation 5 Pro Releasing?

There is currently no official information confirming when the PlayStation 5 Pro will be released. However, it is speculated that the anticipated console will likely debut in the latter half of 2024. This date could change as there has not been an official statement from Sony or PlayStation. For now, this is when players can expect to see more information about the mid-generation console.