Silent Hill: The Short Message unveiled at PlayStation State of Play

PlayStation State of Play: Everything Announced, Including Silent Hill

The first 2024 PlayStation State of Play premiered earlier today, with trailers for Rise of the Ronin, Stellar Blade, Judas, and Silent Hill 2.

The State of Play is PlayStation’s event, where they announce all the upcoming games and updates coming to PlayStation consoles for the near future and beyond. You can expect gameplay reveals, updates to popular titles, and new games. Here is everything announced at the first State of Play for 2024.

Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2, the upcoming game by Arrowhead Game Studios and PlayStation, received a trailer showcasing the mayhem and chaotic atmosphere coming to the game. The game will launch on February 8, 2024, for PS5 and PC. You can read more about the game here.

Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade is an upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive launching in 2024, which places you into a breathtaking post-apocalyptic Earth ravaged by alien invaders. The State of Play trailer provides a deeper look into some of the story and gameplay mechanics we can expect from the game. Ultimately, this looks like another great PlayStation exclusive.

Stellar Blade will be released exclusively on PS5 on April 26, 2024.

Sonic x Shadow Generations

Unveiled at the State of Play, Sonic X Shadow Generations is an upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog platformer with typical speedy platforming challenges built for Sonic and Shadow. This is built around the original Sonic Generations, with iconic 2D and 3D levels returning to the game. However, there will also be a brand new standalone campaign for Shadow the Hedgehog.

The game will launch in Autumn 2024. There is no exact release date available at this time.

Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero is an upcoming game by HoYoverse (miHoYo), and during the PlayStation State of Play, we received confirmation that it will be coming to PlayStation 5 consoles. Previous games by HoYoverse have all come to PlayStation, so it makes sense for their latest game to follow suit. If you want to know more about the game, you can check out our coverage here.

There was no release date mentioned for Zenless Zone Zero.


Foamstars launches as part of the PlayStation Monthly Games for February next week, and we received a trailer detailing their upcoming plans for seasonal content. They have planned the first year of updates, with ranked matches, limited-time elements, characters, maps, and more coming to the game. There will be a new season every 5 weeks in Foamstars, so content will get added quite often.

Foamstars will be available for PlayStation Plus Subscribers on February 6 and will be available for purchase a month later in March.

Dave The Diver

Dave The Diver announced that it’s coming to PlayStation alongside a new update that will introduce Godzilla to the game. There weren’t too many other details noted about the upcoming update.

The Dave the Diver x Godzilla collaboration will launch in May 2024.

V Rising

V Rising is an immersive vampire action RPG survival game with castle buildings and a top-down approach. The game is currently available on Steam but is now coming to PlayStation 5 consoles.

The game will launch in 2024 for PlayStation 5. No exact date was mentioned at this time.

Silent Hill: The Short Message

Silent Hill: The Short Message premiered with an ominous and terrifying narrative-based trailer, but what else could we expect from this iconic series? This looks to be a short teaser game, similar to what P.T. was for PlayStation 4.

The game is available now and will be free and exclusive on PlayStation 5.

Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2 received a new combat trailer with some of the enemies you will face in the game. While it may disappoint some fans that there is no release date, the combat animations look very unpolished, and it’s likely a good thing that this isn’t coming out any time soon.


“From the creators of Bioshock” is almost all you need to know about Judas. The PlayStation State of Play premiered a story trailer for the game, and it already looks incredible. It looks to keep some of the same graphical design and inspiration from the Bioshock series while also making your decisions the center of the narrative.

No release date was announced for Judas.

Metro Awakening

Metro Awakening is an upcoming PS VR2 game and promises to be the most immersive Metro experience yet. The game is a story-driven first-person adventure built exclusively for VR that blends atmospheric exploration, stealth, and combat.

The game will launch in 2024 for PS VR2, Meta Quest, and Steam VR.

Legendary Tales

Legendary Tales is an action RPG where you and a group of friends can conquer dungeons, defeat monsters, collect loot, and explore a corrupted land. The game is currently available on Steam VR in early access.

The game will exit Steam Early Access on February 8, 2024, which coincides with the PS VR2 launch.

Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is an upcoming single-player action RPG for PlayStation 5 and throws you into an expansive fantasy world caught between human and beast kingdoms. The trailer showcases the high-intensity action you can expect from the game, and a new vocation called the Warfarer, which allows you to learn different skills from each vocation.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 will launch on March 22, 2024, via PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Rise of the Ronin

Rise of the Ronin is an upcoming action RPG set in turbulent 19th-century Japan, where you must forge your own path as a masterless samurai (ronin) amidst war, disease, and political upheaval. The trailer provided an extended look at the open world and gameplay features available in Rise of the Ronin.

The game will be launching exclusively to PlayStation 5 on March 22, 2024.

Until Dawn – Updated for Next-Gen

Until Dawn is being remade for PS5 and PC, and will launch later in the year. The trailer didn’t hint at any additional content coming to the game; instead, it is just a remake of the original.

The game will launch in 2024 for PlayStation 5 and PC.

Death Stranding 2

No enjoyable PlayStation State of Play is complete without a mention of Hideo Kojima, and we received an extended look at Death Stranding 2. The trailer hinted at the basis of the narrative with some incredible combat moments, but, of course, nothing will be as it seems.

Death Stranding 2 will launch in 2025 for PlayStation 5.


Hideo Kojima also appeared at the end of the PlayStation State of Play to note that he will be creating an action espionage game that will be the culmination of his work and bridge the gap between film and video games. This will begin development after Death Stranding 2.

There will be another PlayStation State of Play on February 6 that will highlight comprehensive details on Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, so make sure you tune into that. That’s everything that was announced at the first 2024 PlayStation State of Play.


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