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How to Get Cursed Bones in LEGO Fortnite

Finding Cursed Bones in LEGO Fortnite is no easy task, but we’ll direct you in the right direction so you know exactly where to look.

While you can find crafting materials throughout the world of LEGO Fortnite, some are more difficult to locate and harder to obtain. One such material is Cursed Bones, which players need for important late-game items. Here are all the details on how to get Cursed Bones and what you can use them for.

How to Get Cursed Bones in LEGO Fortnite

Cursed Bones are found by defeating the Skeleton Wolves and picking up the dropped bones. The wolves can be found in Ice Caves in the Frostlands biome of the game.

The Frostlands are the snowy region of the game, with the entire area and mountains covered in snow. Unfortunately, getting to the Ice Caves is no easy task, as players must be prepared for their journey by crafting the appropriate items. The Frostlands are very cold, and players will begin to take damage when they enter the area. Therefore, we have devised a list below of minimum requirement items that will help you to survive the trip:

How to Survive the Frostlands

  • 2x Inner Fire Charms (Epic)
    • 6x Heavy Wool Thread, 2x Frost Brute Scale, 60x Brightcore, 20x Blast Core
  • 1x Torch
  • 1x Sword (Epic)
    • 12x Iron Bars
  • 1x Health Charm (Epic)
    • 3x Heavy Wool Thread, 5x Iron Bars, 3x Arctic Claws, 3x Brute Scales

Although it requires a lot of crafting ingredients, the journey through the Frostlands is unforgiving, and taking anything less than that might put you at risk of dying. Plenty of health and healing items, such as food, are also recommended, as the Skeleton Wolves can hit very hard and take you down in only a couple of hits. If you only want to acquire the Cursed Bones, avoiding as many enemies as possible is best until you find an Ice Cave.

LEGO Fortnite Cursed Bone
In-game Screenshot

What Are Cursed Bones Used for in Lego Fortnite?

Cursed Bones are used to craft two of the best Charms available in LEGO Fortnite: the Regeneration Charm and the Charm of Resilience.

While there are not many other uses for the material, the Charms can be vital in increasing survivability in the game. These are the required items to craft the Charms and their effects:

  • Regeneration Charm (Epic): Slowly heals the player over time and provides +14 Defense points and +5 extra hearts to the player’s health.
    • 3x Heavy Wool Thread, 5x Cut Sapphire, 5x Cursed Bone, 1x Frost Brute Scale
  • Charm of Resilience (Epic): Grants bonus damage for a couple of seconds after taking damage as well as +14 Defense points and +5 extra hearts to the player’s health pool.
    • 3x Heavy Wool Thread, 5x Iron Bars, 3x Arctic Claws, x5 Cursed Bones

Now you know where to find Cursed Bones in LEGO Fortnite and what they can be useful for. Head over to the Games Hub for more details and guides.


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