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The Best Charms in LEGO Fortnite

Charms in LEGO Fortnite are incredibly helpful by giving buffs to the player. Here are the best ones to equip in the game.

Charms are not easy to find right off the bat in LEGO Fortnite. However, when equipped, they give players benefits that stay as long as they are in a charm slot. There are over 16 different charms in the game, and we have selected the best ones to craft in LEGO Fortnite.

Cool-Headed Charm (Uncommon Crafting Bench Level)

The Cool-Headed Charm gives resistance within the hot climate biome, Dry Valley. It also provides the player with three extra hearts. The charm is great to have early on as it provides two great benefits and can be easily crafted.

Components Needed: 3 Silk Thread, 10 Marble, 3 Sand Shell

LEGO Fortnite Cool-Headed Charm
Uncommon Cool-Headed Charm, In-game Screenshot

Players must head to the Dry Valley area and enter a cave with Uncommon pickaxes to get the Marble. They will also need to take an Uncommon sword to defeat Rollers for the Sand Shells. Lastly, the Silk Thread can be made by placing Silk into a Spinning Wheel.

Inner Fire Charm (Rare Crafting Bench Level)

The Inner Fire Charm gives players increased resistance to cold biomes, allowing for exploration of the Frostlands. It also provides five extra hearts, giving the player over eight hearts in their health pool.

Components Needed: 3 Wool Thread, 8 Brightcore, 5 Cut Ruby, 3 Blast Cores

LEGO Fortnite Inner Fire Charm
Rare Inner Fire Charm, In-game Screenshot

To get the supplies needed, Wool must be collected by petting sheep and taking it to a spinning wheel to turn it into Wool Thread. Brightcore can be collected in Lava Caves within Dry Valley; they resemble glowing rocks attached to the cave walls. Cut Ruby is made by harvesting Rough Ruby from the caves with a Rare Pickaxe and taking it to your GemCutter. To get Blast Cores, refer to our guide on how to find and mine them.

Regeneration Charm (Epic Crafting Bench Level)

The highest tier of Regeneration Charm is a late-game item that gives the player five hearts and faster passive healing. This means that players will not have to worry about healing up as much as they used to.

Components Needed: 3 Heavy Wool Thread, 5 Cut Sapphire, 5 Cursed Bone, 1 Frost Brute Scale

LEGO Fortnite Regen Charm
Epic Regeneration Charm, In-game Screenshot

As it is an Epic tier item, many materials are much harder to acquire. Heavy Wool Thread is crafted by petting Rams in the Frostlands and taking the Wool to a Spinning Wheel to be made into thread. To get Cut Sapphire, players must mine Rough Sapphire from Ice Caves with an Epic Pickaxe. Cursed Bones are simple to find, as players must defeat the Skeleton Wolves that inhabit the outdoors of the Frostland biome. In terms of a Frost Brute Scale, a brute in the Frostlands must be killed, and the scale will drop. As each item is required from the Frostlands, players must make sure to bring Spicy Burgers or Inner Fire Charms to keep warm.

Charm of Resilience (Epic Crafting Bench Level)

The Charm of Resilience grants players a significant defense bonus after taking damage and adds five more hearts to your health pool. The charm is great for those who enjoy the combat aspect of LEGO Fortnite.

Components Needed: 3 Heavy Wool Thread, 5 Iron Bar, 5 Malachite Slab, 5 Cursed Bone

LEGO Fortnite Res Charm
Epic Charm of Resilience, In-game Screenshot

As previously stated, Heavy Wool Thread is created by petting Rams in the Frostlands and bringing it to the Spinning Wheel. Iron Bars are made by selecting the recipe in the Metal Smelter and using 1 Iron and 2 Brightcore (which are found in Lava Caves). Malachite Slabs are made by mining standard Malachite with an Epic Pickaxe on Frostland mountains and taking it to a Stone Breaker at your Village. Once in the Stone Breaker menu, head to Malachite Slabs and convert it. Cursed Bones are found by defeating Skeleton Wolves roaming around the Frostlands.

It’s important to note that charms stack. So, make sure to craft more than one to take full advantage of them all. Those are the best charms to have equipped throughout LEGO Fortnite. Players who are curious for more can head to our Game Hub.


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