Silent Hill: The Short Message Feature
Silent Hill: The Short Message Feature

How Long is Silent Hill: The Short Message

Silent Hill: The Short Message came as a warmly welcomed surprise in yesterday’s PlayStation State of Play event. With its immediate release following the event, anticipation for the game is high, and players are wondering how long the game will take to beat.

The newest entry into the Silent Hill franchise introduces a new protagonist, Anita, tasked with unraveling the meaning of her friend Maya’s cryptic message, “Can’t leave until you find it.” Set in a dilapidated apartment complex and rumored to be the site of many suicides, Anita’s perception of reality becomes distorted by strange, supernatural spaces and encounters with a twisted creature. While this setting stokes a lot of intrigue, the question remains: How long is Silent Hill: The Short Message?

How Long to Beat Silent Hill: The Short Message

If the title of the game, Silent Hill: The SHORT MESSAGE, wasn’t enough of a giveaway, the game is very short, averaging 2 hours to complete. As this is a narrative-driven title, the time to beat does not include side content to pad out the playtime, so 2 hours is approximately how long you’ll take, regardless of how you play. However, the major kicker here is that Silent Hill: The Short Message is now available for free on the PlayStation Store.

Silent Hill: The Short Message 2, In-Game Screenshot
Silent Hill: The Short Message, In-Game Screenshot

Silent Hill games are not generally known for having long playtimes; they are, however, known for their storytelling, ability to build suspense, and scaring players stiff. Time will tell if the Short Message will be jam-packed with mind-blowing twists and turns or leave you wishing you had your 2 hours back to play more Palworld.

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