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Helldivers 2 Receives 6 New Ship Modules Out of the Blue

It must be Christmas on Super Earth as Helldivers 2 players have received 6 new Ship Modules out of the blue.

Just two days after the mysterious Catalog Expansion Ship Module appeared in Helldivers 2, developer Arrowhead Studios has stealth-dropped 6 new Ship Modules into the game. This gives players plenty to work towards with their hard-earned resources, especially so that they avoid hitting the resource limit.

All Helldivers 2 New Ship Modules

There are 6 new Ship Modules added into Helldivers 2, one for each section. They are all incredibly costly, as they are currently the final upgrade for each section. For example, the XXL Weapons Bay Ship Module costs 150 Common Samples, 150 Rare Samples, 15 Super Samples, and 25000 Requisition Slips. Here are all of the new Ship Modules and what they do:

  • Superior Packing Methodology – Resupply boxes refill support weapons with the maximum number of carriable magazines.
  • Atmospheric Monitoring – Orbital HE barrage spread reduced by 15%.
  • XXL Weapons Bay – Eagle stratagems that drop multiple bombs will drop one additional bomb(s).
  • Enhanced Combustion – Fire damage from stratagems increased by 25%.
  • Circuit Expansion – Lightning arcs, fired from weapons and turrets, jump to one additional enemy.
  • Blast Absorption – Sentries take 50% less damage from explosions.
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While some of these are not that impressive, such as the Blast Absorption upgrade, there are a few that are definitely worth looking into. Atmospheric Monitoring, for example, is an incredible upgrade, especially for those who like to rain down barrages on their enemies. Reducing the spread by 15% will make them more focused and effective. Similarly, the XXL Weapons Bay is perfect for players who prefer Eagle Stratagems, as it will allow them to unleash even more devastation.

Of course, much like all the new additions into Helldivers 2, these are completely free. All you’ll need to do is unlock the previous upgrades and gather enough samples to unlock them. This gives players the next upgrade to work towards as they also unlock the latest Warbond armor sets.

What do you think about Helldivers 2’s new Stratagems? Which ones are you going to unlock? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out our Guide Hub for more articles like this.

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