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Helldivers 2 Players Are Dropping In Cars

Helldivers 2 players have finally gotten their hands on drivable cars, as players have been spotted calling them in and mowing down Terminids.

There are a number of highly requested features in Helldivers 2, but perhaps the most requested one is cars. Vehicles were a big part of the original Helldivers game, with cars being one of the possible options. However, until the recent addition of Exosuits, players in Helldivers 2 were stuck with walking everywhere. Fortunately, that is changing as players are now calling down cars.

Cars Have Been Discovered in Helldivers 2

Footage of a player dropping in a car in Helldivers 2 has been uploaded to YouTube, showing that drivable vehicles have finally been added to the game. Uploaded to YouTube by EliteZgamer, the footage showcases a player calling in a Recon Vehicle before a car with a mounted machine gun drops into the battlfield.

The Recon Vehicle somewhat resembles a Warthog from Halo, with four seats for players to hop into, as well as a turret on the back, perfect for mowing down Terminids. It isn’t clear what the call-in code for the Recon Vehicle is yet, as EliteZgamer wasn’t the one to call it in. However, just before the car lands, the other player shouts, “requesting vehicle.” Naturally, this is what prompted EliteZgamer to look in the first place. You can watch the footage below.

Fans have been long anticipating cars in Helldivers 2, especially after Exosuits were added to the game. Players had to liberate Tien Kwan in order to get mechs, although it isn’t clear what players have done in order to unlock Recon Vehicles. It also doesn’t seem like they’ve been added for all players to use. This lucky player clearly got early access to it randomly from the man behind it all, Joel.

It isn’t clear when Recon Vehicles will become a purchasable Stratagem. However, we suspect it will be added in the next few days. After all, players got full access to mechs shortly after they began appearing in Tien Kwan. Speaking of which, it looks like a new mech has also been spotted.

New Mech Type Spotted in Helldivers 2

Footage of a new Exosuit in Helldivers 2 was uploaded to Instagram. Unlike the default Exosuit, this one is bright yellow and has two double-barreled autocanons on either side. Fans have been expecting a new Exosuit to be added after several were teased a short while ago. Footage of different types of Exosuits was uploaded to Reddit, with players seemingly able to access them all.

Much like the Recon Vehicle, it seems like it won’t be long until this is officially added in as a purchasable stratagem. Of course, it hasn’t been completely confirmed when it will be added. However, going off of Arrowhead Game Studio’s track record of introducing new features, it will almost certainly be added soon. You can check out the video of the new Exosuit here.

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