2024 Marks The Biggest DreamHack Melbourne To Date

Last weekend, Australians enjoyed the three-day gaming lifestyle festival DreamHack Melbourne 2024 and broke record numbers in the process.

Each year, DreamHack Melbourne receives more love than the previous year. This ultimately allows DreamHack Melbourne to expand further and bring in exciting content for the gaming, creator, and pop-culture communities. DreamHack Melbourne has become a highly anticipated event, and this year marks the biggest edition yet.

What Was the Record-Breaking Number For DreamHack Melbourne 2024?

This year’s DreamHack Melbourne saw the biggest turnout to date, with a massive 35,513 attendees. This is 9,662 more people than the 2023 DreamHack Melbourne event, which had an impressive 25,851 attendees. This was made possible due to the amount of content featured at DreamHack Melbourne this year, especially the highly anticipated first-ever 3D Hololive Production performance in Australia.

“DreamHack Melbourne 2024 was an overwhelming success, and it was incredible to see so many communities from around Australia & the region coming together and sharing in an amazing weekend,” said Ben Green, Senior Product Manager, DreamHack, at ESL FACEIT Group. “A particular highlight from this year was the hololive community, who flocked to DreamHack to support hololive’s first-ever live concert in the southern hemisphere, elevating it to something truly special. The festival was an incredible success, and we want to thank every community member, creator, and fan who spent their weekend with us.”

ESL: Caleb Smith

DreamHack Melbourne 2024 Key Highlights

However, Hololive was not the only reason this year’s DreamHack Melbourne reached record-breaking numbers. Live stage appearances from the popular podcast group Trash Taste and Cold Ones, along with world-class esports tournaments in Counter-Strike 2 and League of Legends, are just some of the reasons many in the gaming community found themselves interested in attending this year’s DreamHack Melbourne. Below, we have mentioned the key highlights from this year’s DreamHack Melbourne.

  • A record-breaking 35,513 attendees at DreamHack Melbourne 2024.
  • A record number of over 600 content creators took part in creator-focused activities, including the first-ever Creator Summit.
  • Australia’s first-ever 3D Hololive Production performance.
  • MIBR was victorious in the ESL Challenger.
  • Ground Zero won the LCO Split 1 Grand Finals.
  • Artist Alley featured over 100 local artists.

DreamHack Melbourne 2024 Extreme Cosplay Gathering qualifier results:

  1. Team Bananas: Vamprea and Vye
  2. Tumby Cat
  3. Nix Cosplay

DreamHack Melbourne 2024 esports results:
Counter-Strike: 2 (ESL Challenger)

  1. MIBR – [USD $50,000]
  2. Aurora Gaming – [USD $20,000]
  3. Apeks – [USD $10,000]
  4. Rebels Gaming – [USD $10,000]

League of Legends (League of Legends Circuit Oceania (LCO) Finals)

  1. Ground Zero
  2. Antic Esports 

Although these may have been highlights, DreamHack Melbourne features a massive amount of high-quality content, which is the ultimate reason for such a successful gaming lifestyle festival. There are so many things that cater to people’s interests. Next year is sure to continue to impress Australians even more. Did you attend this year’s DreamHack Melbourne? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to check out our Guide Hub for more articles just like this one.