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Helldivers 2 Keeps Crashing After Update & Joel Is Here to Fix it

The most recent Helldivers 2 Update, version 1.000.103, is causing a lot of issues for players, specifically constant crashes. Fortunately, the devs, and even Joel himself, are here to fix it.

Helldivers 2 has had its fair share of bugs, and we’re not just talking about the Terminids. Bad jokes aside, despite thoroughly enjoying the game, fans have become a little fatigued with the issues plaguing Helldivers 2’s launch. Fortunately, Arrowhead Game Studios has been pretty quick when it comes to updating the game. However, in this case, it may have been a little too overzealous. It would seem that the latest update has introduced a terrible new bug.

Helldivers 2 Keeps Crashing After Recent Update

Helldivers 2 keeps crashing for players, kicking them out of matches and making them lose any samples and rewards from completing missions. This started occurring after the most recent patch, which sought to remove some of the difficulty, was dropped. Fortunately, the developers are attempting to fix the issue right now.

Over on the game’s official Discord channel, community manager Twinbeard posted a message to reassure fans that they’re on the case. The message started by saying that Arrowhead is “deep down in the trenches digging into the issue as we speak.” Typically, they’re pretty speedy at responding to huge issues like this to ensure that fans have the best experience possible.

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The message then went on to say, “We are on alert ready to update on any changes here. We’re very sorry @everyone for not being able to supply you with the glorious feeling of bug and bot stomping and hope to have the game more stable as soon as possible.”

Unfortunately, there’s no way of resolving this issue yourself. No amount of restarting or checking your internet will fix these crashes. If it happens to you, you’ve not got much recourse other than to keep playing or stop for a short while. So, hopefully, this issue will be ironed out soon, and players will be compensated for their lost rewards.

Joel Announces Fixes Are Coming to Helldivers 2

Alongside the constant crashes, players have also noticed that their progress in liberating a planet is not being tracked. Currently, Fori Prime is not budging, and no matter how many players attempt to liberate it, it remains in the Terminid’s clutches. Fortunately, this specific issue has also been addressed by Arrowhead, more specifically, the malevolent Game Master himself, Joel.

A message from community manager Baskinator, presumably speaking on behalf of Joel, was posted to the official Helldivers 2 Discord. It read, “A message for everyone from the Game Master. Helldivers! We’re aware of an issue with the Galactic War not tracking your effective spread of Liberty properly. We are investigating this urgently and will keep you posted as soon as we understand the issue and have a fix to communicate to you. Thanks very much for your patience while we squash some software bugs.”

So, alongside fixes for the crashes, it seems like Joel and the team are working hard to ensure that every Helldiver’s hard work to spread democracy will be counted. Have you experienced any crashes? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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