Helldivers 2 with samples in hand

Helldivers 2: How to Drop Samples

Samples in Helldivers 2 can be dropped for retrieval later in a mission, and doing so is quite simple.

Helldivers 2 features variants of Samples that players need to upgrade their Destroyer in the game. As these are spread throughout the mission maps and can be tedious to acquire, losing them is always a worry. However, players may want to drop the Samples as a means of safekeeping and return to them later as the mission concludes.

How to Drop Samples in Helldivers 2

Players can drop Samples in Helldivers 2 by holding down on the D-Pad on PlayStation or X on PC and hovering over the Samples. Afterward, let go of the pressed button while hovering over the item, and it will drop to the ground.

As Samples can be challenging to reacquire, especially in more complex difficulties, dropping them in a secure place is a great strategy. Players should drop the Samples at a definitive location, like the Extraction Point, to ensure they can be picked up as they prepare to leave. Although it may seem like an odd plan, everyone in the session knows where the Samples are. Additionally, the Extraction Point is where most of the team will be located at the end of the mission.

Helldivers 2 drop menu
In-game Screenshot

It is much harder to grab samples dropped in the further reaches of the map. Reasons include being swarmed by enemies or not having enough time to make it to the extract being the cause. Venturing out to retrieve the Samples could risk the mission if the team is low on reinforcements. Furthermore, having them at the last point of the mission before leaving offers the best place to grab them. However, if you wish to have a player hold them, dropping them for just one player to carry is another viable solution for your team. Samples are essential to upgrading all of your stratagems on your ship. Therefore, extracting with them is necessary.

That is everything you need to know about how to drop Samples in Helldivers 2. If you like this guide and wish to see more, be sure to head to our Guide Hub here.